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GET: /freelancer-matches

Get a list of freelancer matches for freelancers that match a set of criteria. members are returned first. After the member result set has been exhausted, non-member results are returned. Within the member and non-member result sets, freelancers are ordered according to a ranking algorithm which attempts to return the best matches first, by considering factors such as relevant KudoZ points, feedback, credentials, self-reported levels of expertise and specialization, etc.

A maximum of 1000 freelancers will be returned for any given set of criteria.


  • language_pair: (language pair code) A source and target language combination in which a freelancer reports working. Required.
  • language_service_id: (language service ID) A service offered in this language pair, like translation or interpreting.
  • native_language: (language code) A freelancer's native language.
  • max_pair_priority: (integer) Freelancer language pairs are ordered by self-reported "priority". This parameter specifies the maximum allowed priority (i.e. the lowest position in the sort order) for languages to match the language_pair criterion. Ex. "3" means only include freelancers who have specified that the given language pair is one of their top 3 pairs.
  • disc_spec_id: (specific discipline ID) A specific discipline in which a freelancer is skilled.
  • disc_gen_id: (general discipline ID) A general discipline in which a freelancer is skilled. Ignored if disc_spec_id is set.
  • is_member: (boolean) Whether or not a freelancer is a paying member, in the context of the directory.
  • is_pair_cpn: (boolean) Whether the freelancer has earned a Certified PRO network credential in the given pair.
  • credential_status: (reported|verified) Match freelancers that have at least one credential with this status in the given language pair. "Reported" means it is self-reported. "Verified" means it has been verified by staff.
  • min_positive_wwa: (integer) The minimum number of positive "willingness to work again" feedback entries the freelancer has received.
  • min_yrs_experience: (integer) Minimum number of self-reported years of experience.
  • min_yrs_proz: (integer) Minimum number of years since the freelancer's account was created.
  • country_code: (country code) The country in which a freelancer primarily resides.
  • availability_today: (y|n|y_or_unknown) Whether the freelancer has reported being available to take on new work today. "y_or_unknown" matches freelancers that aren't explicitly unavailable.
  • profile_completeness: (required|encouraged|incomplete) Match freelancers with profiles that have been completed to this degree. "Encouraged" matches profiles with both "required" and "encouraged" fields completed.
  • profile_updated_since: (datetime) Match freelancers whose profiles have been updated since this date.
  • highest_min_rate: (decimal) Match freelancers with a minimum rate in the given language pair of this amount or less. Intended for filtering out those who are not interested in work at a given budget level.
  • min_rate_unit: (word|hour) The unit to which the rate applies. Required if highest_min_rate is set.
  • min_rate_currency: (currency code) The currency in which the rate is specified. Required if highest_min_rate is set. Rates in different currencies are compared using recent exchange rates from
  • min_rate_include_unset: (boolean) If true, and highest_min_rate is set, freelancers who have not specified any minimum rate in the given language pair are not excluded.
  • software_id: (software ID) Match freelancers that have the given software application.
  • organization_id: (translation industry organization) Match freelancers that have reported membership in the given organization.
  • offset: The offset of the first result to return, for pagination. Default: 0.
  • limit: The maximum number of profiles to return in this request. Default: 10. Max: 100.

API console

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