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GET: /follow/:uuid/followers

Get list of users who follow a given user.


Query parameters:
  • :uuid: (uuid) The UUID of the user to lookup. Use the special value me to refer to the currently authenticated user.

Example request

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer {OAUTH2_ACCESS_TOKEN}"


Returns a collection of User summary objects that follow the given user.

  "users": [
      "self_link": "",
      "uuid": "349b7739-c5d7-4d9c-86ea-d9bfec9ccd45",
      "site_name": "Matt Petrowski",
      "account_type": 2,
      "freelancer_profile_link": "",
      "profile_url": "",
      "image_url": "",
      "is_proz_member": true,
      "proz_membership_type": "individual",
      "is_cpn": false,
      "cpn_language_pair": null,
      "native_languages": [
      "timezone": null,
      "country": "us",
      "skype": null