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POST: /job-posting/:id/discard

Discard a job so it is no longer returned in the user's job postings lists.

A user can update the reason they discarded the job by calling this endpoint multiple times, with the reason specified in POST data as described below.


  • id: The job posting ID.

POST data

A JSON object.

  • reason(optional): A UTF-8 string up to 512 characters containing a reason the user said they discarded the job.

Example request

curl -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer OAUTH2_ACCESS_TOKEN' \
-d '{
  "reason": "Some reason."
}' \


A 201 Created HTTP status code, and the contents of the discard object.

  "entity_id": "878225",
  "job_id": "739492",
  "time": "2016-02-10 18:37:07",
  "reason": "Some reason."