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PATCH: /kudoz/:id

Update a KudoZ record.

Required authorization scope

When using OAuth2 access tokens, the kudoz.write or kudoz.all scope is required to update a KudoZ record. See scopes in the authentication guide for information about how to request this scope of authorization.


Send a partial JSON representation of the KudoZ record in the request body, with just the fields you want to update. Any non-editable fields will be ignored.

Note that changes may or may not be allowed depending on various factors, such as the presence of suggested translations, the status of the KudoZ record, etc.

Canceling (hiding) a KudoZ record

To cancel a KudoZ record, send the following request body:

    "hidden": true,
    "hide_reason": "Posted by mistake."

Closing a KudoZ record without selecting the best translation

To close the KudoZ record, send a request body like the following:

    "status": "closed,
    "close_reason": 9

The possible integer-indexed close_reason's are:

  • 1: Answer found elsewhere
  • 2: No acceptable answer
  • 3: Errant question
  • 9: Other

Example request

Here's an example of a request using curl:

curl --request PATCH \
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    -H 'Authorization: Bearer OAUTH2_ACCESS_TOKEN' \
    -d '{
          "language_pair": "eng_fra"
        }' \


On success, a 200 OK HTTP status code will be returned, along with the current full KudoZ record.

On error, a standard error response will be returned.

If a request fails because access is denied, a 403 Unauthorized HTTP status code will be returned, along with an error string explaining the reason.