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User summary


A summary of key public information about a user, useful for showing whenever the user's name is rendered .


  "self_link": "",
  "uuid": "32a9a4d0-cb6e-463f-a0ab-63d0a0418bc7",
  "site_name": "John Snow",
  "account_type": 2,
  "freelancer_profile_link": "",
  "profile_url": "",
  "image_url": "",
  "is_proz_member": true,
  "proz_membership_type": "individual",
  "is_cpn": true,
  "cpn_language_pair": "ita_eng",
  "native_languages": [ "eng" ],
  "timezone": "America/New_York",
  "country": "us",
  "skype": "johnsnow"


self_link string The API link for getting the user summary via the API.
uuid uuid A universally unique identifier.
site_name string The name the user has chosen to show on the site. Depending on privacy preferences, this may be a full first and last name or it may be a nickname (the account username).
account_type account type ID The user's account type (freelancer, company, etc.).
freelancer_profile_link string The API link for getting the user's freelancer profile via API, or null if the user doesn't have a freelancer profile.
profile_url string The URL of the user's profile on
image_url string The URL of a thumbnail image for the user.
is_proz_member boolean Whether the user has an active (paid) membership.
proz_membership_type string The user's membership type. Possible values: individual, corporate, student, or null.
is_cpn boolean Whether the user has an active credential in the Certified PRO Network.
cpn_language_pair language pair The language pair of the user's CPN credential.
native_languages list of language codes The user's native language(s). Most users have only one native language, but in a few rare cases there may be two or more.
timezone timezone The user's timezone.
country country code The user's country of residence.
skype string The user's Skype handle.

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