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GET: /user

Get a user object for the currently authenticated user.

Authorization scopes

When using OAuth2 access tokens, only publicly visible user information is returned by default. Request the following scopes to get additional information:

  • Email address.
  • Real name, if not publicly visible.

Fields in the user object that are not visible will be set to null.

See scopes in the authentication guide for information about how to request authorization scopes.

Example request

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer $OAUTH2_ACCESS_TOKEN"

Example response

On success, a 200 Ok HTTP status code will be returned, along with a user object.

  "uuid": "32a9a4d0-cb6e-463f-a0ab-63d0a0418bc7",
  "site_name": "John Snow",
  "account_type": "2",
  "email": "",
  "email_verified": true,
  "profile_url": "http:\/\/\/profile\/46745",
  "contact_info": {
    "email": "",
    "first_name": "John",
    "middle_name": "",
    "last_name": "Snow"
  "proz_membership": {
    "status": "current",
    "expiration_date": "2019-09-25",
    "expired_date": null,
    "certified_pro_network_status": "not_current",
    "plus_package": false,
    "membership_type": "professional",
    "membership_package": "standard"

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