Mølgaard & Nielsen

Translation + localization Scandinavia

Established in 1996
ProZ.com member since Jun 2003

Mølgaard & Nielsen

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Translator likelihood of working again (LWA) info
4.9 10 entries
No entries in past 12 months

Summary of entries

Date Service provider Service provider KudoZ - browniz Comment LWA Likelihood of working again
Oct 25 '10
Access restricted
0 - 705
Jun 8 '09
Access restricted
63 - 1170
Sep 21 '06
Access restricted
16 - 550
Jan 23 '06
Access restricted
112 - 2601
Nov 1 '05
Access restricted
0 - 5
Oct 18 '05
Access restricted
4490 - 1257
Jul 18 '05
Access restricted
0 - -20
Jun 21 '05
Access restricted
613 - 5288
Mar 2 '05
Access restricted
865 - 4367
Feb 20 '04
Access restricted
442 - 729

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