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Chinese to English translators and interpreters » General fields

Chinese to English Tech/Engineering translators (839)
Chinese to English Art/Literary translators (323)
Chinese to English Medical translators (3050)
Chinese to English Law/Patents translators (10985)
Chinese to English Science translators (1254)
Chinese to English Bus/Financial translators (3976)
Chinese to English Marketing translators (1470)
Chinese to English Other translators (144)
Chinese to English Social Sciences translators (2599)

Chinese to English translators and interpreters » Specific fields

Chinese to English translators: Accounting (1510)
Chinese to English translators: Advertising / Public Relations
Chinese to English translators: Aerospace / Aviation / Space (527)
Chinese to English translators: Agriculture (811)
Chinese to English translators: Livestock / Animal Husbandry
Chinese to English translators: Anthropology
Chinese to English translators: Archaeology (221)
Chinese to English translators: Architecture (867)
Chinese to English translators: Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting
Chinese to English translators: Astronomy & Space
Chinese to English translators: Finance (general)
Chinese to English translators: Automation & Robotics (587)
Chinese to English translators: Automotive / Cars & Trucks (1608)
Chinese to English translators: Biology (-tech,-chem,micro-)
Chinese to English translators: Botany (267)
Chinese to English translators: Construction / Civil Engineering (1404)
Chinese to English translators: Business/Commerce (general) (4429)
Chinese to English translators: Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, etc.) (676)
Chinese to English translators: Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs (1997)
Chinese to English translators: Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng (1004)
Chinese to English translators: Poetry & Literature (2157)
Chinese to English translators: Cinema, Film, TV, Drama (2447)
Chinese to English translators: Textiles / Clothing / Fashion (1391)
Chinese to English translators: Telecom(munications) (1856)
Chinese to English translators: Computers (general)
Chinese to English translators: Computers: Hardware
Chinese to English translators: Computers: Software (1984)
Chinese to English translators: Computers: Systems, Networks (1472)
Chinese to English translators: Law: Contract(s) (2190)
Chinese to English translators: Cooking / Culinary (1067)
Chinese to English translators: Cosmetics, Beauty (1108)
Chinese to English translators: Medical: Dentistry (365)
Chinese to English translators: Media / Multimedia (1821)
Chinese to English translators: Economics (2410)
Chinese to English translators: Education / Pedagogy (2580)
Chinese to English translators: Electronics / Elect Eng (1265)
Chinese to English translators: Energy / Power Generation
Chinese to English translators: Engineering (general) (1590)
Chinese to English translators: Engineering: Industrial (939)
Chinese to English translators: Mechanics / Mech Engineering (1211)
Chinese to English translators: Nuclear Eng/Sci (254)
Chinese to English translators: Environment & Ecology (1207)
Chinese to English translators: Esoteric practices
Chinese to English translators: Fisheries (114)
Chinese to English translators: Folklore (451)
Chinese to English translators: Food & Drink (1532)
Chinese to English translators: Forestry / Wood / Timber (313)
Chinese to English translators: Furniture / Household Appliances (658)
Chinese to English translators: Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino (1344)
Chinese to English translators: Mining & Minerals / Gems (358)
Chinese to English translators: Genealogy (84)
Chinese to English translators: General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters (2310)
Chinese to English translators: Genetics (269)
Chinese to English translators: Geography (492)
Chinese to English translators: Geology (173)
Chinese to English translators: Government / Politics (2069)
Chinese to English translators: Photography/Imaging (& Graphic Arts) (546)
Chinese to English translators: Medical: Health Care (1528)
Chinese to English translators: History (1439)
Chinese to English translators: Tourism & Travel (3678)
Chinese to English translators: Human Resources (1582)
Chinese to English translators: Idioms / Maxims / Sayings (531)
Chinese to English translators: Insurance (899)
Chinese to English translators: International Org/Dev/Coop (1335)
Chinese to English translators: Internet, e-Commerce (1934)
Chinese to English translators: Investment / Securities (1132)
Chinese to English translators: Metallurgy / Casting
Chinese to English translators: IT (Information Technology) (1911)
Chinese to English translators: Journalism
Chinese to English translators: Real Estate (1070)
Chinese to English translators: Law (general)
Chinese to English translators: Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright
Chinese to English translators: Law: Taxation & Customs (770)
Chinese to English translators: Linguistics (1433)
Chinese to English translators: Transport / Transportation / Shipping (1444)
Chinese to English translators: Management (1905)
Chinese to English translators: Manufacturing (1184)
Chinese to English translators: Ships, Sailing, Maritime
Chinese to English translators: Marketing / Market Research (2445)
Chinese to English translators: Mathematics & Statistics (519)
Chinese to English translators: Medical (general) (1749)
Chinese to English translators: Medical: Cardiology (347)
Chinese to English translators: Medical: Instruments
Chinese to English translators: Medical: Pharmaceuticals (884)
Chinese to English translators: Meteorology
Chinese to English translators: Metrology (37)
Chinese to English translators: Military / Defense (408)
Chinese to English translators: Music (835)
Chinese to English translators: Names (personal, company)
Chinese to English translators: Nutrition
Chinese to English translators: Petroleum Eng/Sci (615)
Chinese to English translators: Other (347)
Chinese to English translators: Paper / Paper Manufacturing
Chinese to English translators: Patents (627)
Chinese to English translators: Philosophy (582)
Chinese to English translators: Physics (306)
Chinese to English translators: Printing & Publishing
Chinese to English translators: Psychology (684)
Chinese to English translators: Religion (767)
Chinese to English translators: Retail (813)
Chinese to English translators: Safety
Chinese to English translators: SAP (187)
Chinese to English translators: Science (general) (1367)
Chinese to English translators: Slang (278)
Chinese to English translators: Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc. (1436)
Chinese to English translators: Sports / Fitness / Recreation (933)
Chinese to English translators: Surveying
Chinese to English translators: Wine / Oenology / Viticulture (303)
Chinese to English translators: Zoology (214)

Chinese to English translators and interpreters

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Identity Verified   Denyce Seow
  Business & Legal Translator
Chinese business, Chinese legal, Chinese medical, Chinese translation, Chinese document translation, Chinese documents translation, business, marketing, finance, medicine, Singapore, human resource, logistics, Management, operations, simplified Chinese translation, traditional Chinese translation, simplified Chinese translator, traditional Chinese translator, Chinese into English translation, Chinese into English translator, Chinese translator, native English translator, Chinese into English, Chinese-English, English mOther tongue, Chinese certificates, Chinese letters, Chinese websites, medical, medicine, report, pharmaceutical, contract, contracts, agreement, law, survey, Chinese-English, Chinese-English Translator, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Legal Translation, Medical Translation, Business Translation, Chinese into English, Chinese Translation, Chinese Translator, Pharmaceutical Translation, chinesische Übersetzung, Chinesisch-Übersetzung, Chinesisch-Übersetzer, Chines ... English
1380 points
Chinese to English
Identity Verified   peiling
medizinische übersetzungen pharmazeutische übersetzungen Medizin Pharmazeutik Technik Übersetzer Malaiisch Chinesisch Englisch Übersetzungen science translation Chinese English translator Chinese-English translator Chinese to English translator Chinese to English RNAi siRNA translation Chinese to English translator Chinese English translation traditional Chinese simplified Chinese us English america English british English simplified Chinese translation, traditional Chinese translation, simplified Chinese translator, traditional Chinese translator, Chinese into English translation, Chinese into English translator, Chinese into English translations, Chinese translator, native English translator, Chinese into English, Chinese-English, malay to English, malay to English translation, translation malay English, English malay translation, English to malay translation, malaysian English translation, malay English translation, malay certificate translation, bahasa inggeris terjemah, malaysian ... English/Malay
1066 points
Chinese to English
Identity Verified   Yang Min
  Experienced Medical Translator
abnormalities, sohu, proz, translator, translation, administration, dosage, adverse, effects, agonists, analogs, derivatives, analysis, anatomy, histology, fane, love, antagonists, inhibitors, biosynthesis, cerebrospinal, chemical, synthesis, chemically, chemistry, classification, 2008, beijing, complications, contraindications, cytology, deficiency, diagnosis, diet, drug, Economics, education, embryology, enzymology, epidemiology, ethnology, etiology, Genetics, development, History, immunology, injuries, innervation, instrumentation, isolation, purification, manpower, metabolism, methods, microbiology, mortality, nursing, organization, olympic, administration, parasitology, pathogenicity, pathology, 2008 beijing, beijing olympic game, pharmacokinetics, torch relay, pharmacology, physiology, physiopathology, poisoning, prevention, control, Psychology, radiation, effects, radiography, radionuclide, imaging, radio, rehabilitation, secondary, secretion, standar ... Chinese/English
705 points
Chinese to English
Identity Verified   Aaron Gilkison
  Politics and the Humanities
Chinese, China, English, translator, culture, History, literature, poem, museum, Archaeology, Anthropology, politics, government, document, news, media, military, humanities, novel, story ... English
United States
212 points
Chinese to English
  Sharon Toh, MITI MCIL
  Culturally Attuned CHI/ENG Solutions™
expert, professional, bilingual, bicultural, high quality, quality focused, quality-focused, quality, native English, native Chinese, native mandarin, native English speaker, native Chinese speaker, native mandarin speaker, English mOther tongue, Chinese mOther tongue, mandarin mOther tongue, singapore, china, xiamen, amoy, fujian, taiwan, based in singapore, Chinese to English, English to Chinese, mandarin to English, English to mandarin, simplified Chinese to English, English to simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese to English, English to traditional Chinese, English, Chinese, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, mandarin, hokkien, min-nan, minnan, taiwanese, southern min, dialect, British English, UK English, singaporean, translation, transcreation, editing, copyediting, copy editing, copy-editing, technical writing, copywriting, copyeditor, copywriter, technical writer, translator, transcreator, transcriber, transcriptionist, subtitling, adaptation, localisation, localization ... English/Chinese
256 points
Chinese to English
Identity Verified   Hamish Young
  Scientific Chinese Translation
translation, Chinese, English, mandarin, proofreading, translate, translator, chemistry, biology, technology, patent, science, scientific, medical, food, IP, Nutrition, national standard, regulations, document, professional, Psychology, education, biochemistry, biotechnology, chemical engineering, editing, revising, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, transcription, pharmaceuticals, drugs, Zoology, Genetics, History, Agriculture, academic, translating, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, research paper, journal, china, new zealand, auckland, freelance, freelancer, network, hepatitis, leukemia, chemOtherapy, imatinib, cancer, tumor, food chemistry, additives, chromatography, chemical process, genetic engineering, gene technology, adefovir dipivoxil, in vitro, study, clinical trial, PCR, specification, Western blot, cisplatin, paclitaxel, ... English
New Zealand
84 points
Chinese to English
Identity Verified   Dariush Robertson
  Chinese to English freelance translator
Translation, Mandarin, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Classical Chinese, English (UK), Chinese art texts, Chinese paintings, literature, subtitle translation, environmental issues, advertising, travel and tourism, proofreading, editing, dissertations, essays, localization, UK, Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead, Northumberland, Sunderland, South Shields, Washington, Durham. ... English
United Kingdom
61 points
Chinese to English
  Gio Valenti
  Chinese>English Translations 热爱翻译工作!
English to Chinese translator, English-Chinese translation, Chinese to English translation, English Chinese translation, English Chinese translations, translation Chinese, translation into Chinese, English to Chinese translations, translation Chinese to English, Chinese name translations, Chinese English translation, Chinese name translation, translation English to Chinese, Chinese interpreters, Chinese English translator, Chinese translator, translate Chinese, Chinese to English translator, translate to Chinese, translate into Chinese, Chinese name translator, Chinese translation job, Chinese English translation, translator Chinese, translate English into Chinese, English Chinese translator, Chinese to English translations, English-Chinese translator, translate English Chinese, Chinese-English translator, Chinese English translation service, translate in Chinese, translation English Chinese, translating English to Chinese, Chinese English translators, translation to Chinese, Chinese i ... English
United States
24 points
Chinese to English
Identity Verified   Andrew Chang
  10+ years of translation experience
business, technology, legal, singaporean, Chinese expert, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, experienced, highly experienced, tight deadlines ... English
12 points
Chinese to English
Identity Verified   Michelle Deeter
  English native speaker
Mandarin, Chinese, software, English native speaker, Patents, environment ... English
United Kingdom
8 points
Chinese to English
Identity Verified   Trevor Breakspear
  Quality delivered
Native, experienced, qualified, legal, financial, technical, patent, clinical trial, Trados ... English
4 points
Chinese to English
Identity Verified   Alex Grady
  Literature - Journalism - Philosophy
English, English, Chinese, Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, mandarin Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, mandarin Chinese, translation, translator, freelance translator needed, needed, work, translation agency, translation company, native English translator, Chinese to native English translator, Chinese to native English translator, Chinese to English translator, Chinese to English translator, English to Chinese translator, translating advert, advert needed to translate, Philosophy translator, Philosophy translator needed, Chinese to English Philosophy translator needed, translation work, translation services, need something translating, how to translate Chinese, how to translate Chinese, translating a Chinese document, translating a Chinese document, translate Chinese text, Chinese to English science translator, Chinese into English science translation, quality affordable translation, quality translation, quality Chinese translation, quality cheap translation, quality affordable Chinese translation, ... English
United Kingdom
0 points
Chinese to English
Identity Verified   Alice L Yang
  Quality Work, Enjoyable Interactions
Chinese, English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, mandarin, interpretor, interpreting, editor, editing, proofreader, proofreading, biotechnology, business, government, politics, marketing, literary, literature, arts and humanities, education, reasonable rates, news, Journalism, reasonable rates, on-time delivery, on time delivery ... English
United States
0 points
Chinese to English
Identity Verified   James Laughton
Mandarin, English, market research, consumer questionnaire, B2B, FMCG, fast moving consumer goods, Chinese, legal, marketing, homepage, business, contract, tourism, travel, auto, consumer research, environment, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, website, content Management, finance, commerce, Accounting, media, Journalism, catering, food, wine, audio, consumer financial products, online, offline, mobile, beauty devices, share dealing, poultry, tablets, cereal bards, PMI, pharmacy Retail, Insurance, desktop, laptop, retirement, sports drinks, energy drinks, on-trade, off-trade, alcoholic drinks, bundled communication, food services, mobile network providers, habits, marketing, digital, trends, bettings, mortgage, beauty accessories, video, film transcription, subtitling, computer, customer experience, LTE, eLTE, TETRA, TELCO, OS, ITO, PSI, ICT, cloud, SDN, NDA, Management, advertising, localization, proofreading, review, post editing, fine art, museum, art exhibition, exhibition, ... English
United Kingdom
0 points
Chinese to English
Identity Verified   Idi O Mattick
  Top translations for top clients
Chinese, English, business, finance, the arts, health, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, government, politics, current affairs, news, media, law, environment, hotel industry, tourism ... English
0 points
Chinese to English
Identity Verified   Carlis Hsu
  For the well-being of mankind
Chinese, English, Japanese, medicine, cardiology, surgery, medicine, pharmaceutical, medical instruments, medical equipment, Nutrition, life sciences, biotechnology, drug, orthopedics, papers, articles, biology, biochemistry, cardiology, cardiovascular diseases, interventional cardiology, devices, procedures, life sciences, pharmaceutical documents, pharmacoGenetics, internal medicine, nephrology, endocrinology, neurology, dermatology, clinical trials, epidemiology, pharmacy, protocols, informed consent, edical technology, surgical equipment, package inserts, brochures, websites, localization, Psychology, software localization, medicine/healthcare, pharmaceutics, clinical trials, pharmacist, genome, proteomics, genetic engineering, proteome, medical Patents, pharmaceutical Patents, science, technology, medicine, instructions, surveys, experiments, evaluations, medical History, health care, health Insurance, public health, nurse, emergency care, traditional Chinese medicine, epidemiolog ... English/Chinese
157 points
Chinese to English
Identity Verified   Rita Pang
  Academic, literary & legal translations
Keywords: Chinese-English translator, portuguese-English translator, french-English translator, English-Chinese translator, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, proofreader, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Cantonese, Mandarin, interpretation, localisation, localization, English proofreader, Chinese proofreader, computers, leisure, travel writing, business proposal, medical, corporate communications, Real Estate, travel guide books, contracts, birth certificate, graduation, diploma, adoption certificate, transcripts, oenology ... Chinese/English
36 points
Chinese to English
Identity Verified   Kathy Mok Reichardt
  Chinese<>English Web/SW Localization
Chinese translation, book translation, novel translation, business card translation, Chinese localization, Chinese web localization, website translation, finance translation, politics, EB-5 translation, traditional Chinese translation ... Chinese/English
United States
12 points
Chinese to English
Identity Verified   lbone
  Tech & Business Translator
senior, Mandarin Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Chinese, science, sciences, technology, technologies, technical, IT, computer, software, hardware, web, website, localization, internalization, network, communications, Telecom(munications), machinery, mechanical, electric, electronics, automobile, industrial, industry, quality, contract, contracts, agreement, agreements, manual, handbook, 翻译, 简体中文, 中文, 汉语, 技术, 科技, 计算机, 软件, 硬件, 网络, 网站, 本地化, 国际化, 机械, 电子, 电气, 电工, 工程, 机电, 汽车, 电信, 手册, 网络, 通信, 通讯, 工业, 合同, 品质, 资深, 简繁转换, 繁简转换, 简繁体转换, 繁简体转换, 簡繁轉換, 繁簡轉換, 簡繁體轉換, 繁簡體轉換, ... Chinese
338 points
Chinese to English
Identity Verified   Zhen Guan
Chinese, Mandarin, Australia, NAATI, laws, immigration, investment, environment, medical, construction, building ... Chinese
0 points
Chinese to English
Identity Verified   Patrick Kwan
  CUSTOMER satisfaction is KEY
English, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, technical, marketing, Manufacturing, power systems, translation, proofreading, editing, mechanics, market research, Management, energy, Retail, business, commerce, advertising, public relations, metallurgy, industrial ... English/Chinese
0 points
Chinese to English
  Jane Yu
  ATA Certified, Medical and Patent
English to Japanese translator, Korean translator, ATA Certified English into Chinese, medical translation, medical record, technical & patent translation, AutoCAD DWG text translation, drug package insert & information for use, clinical trials and protocols, patient information and informed consent forms (ICF), New drug application (NDA) submission, case report forms, adverse event reports, regulatory documentation, medical records and reports, back translation, general healthcare documents, medical papers and articles, patient questionnaires, medical production manuals, Patents, medical device user manual & software localization, user manuals, Patents (for information and for filing), operation and service manuals, technical papers, technical specification and standards, software and application localization, product literatures and specifications, website content, scientific books, medical-questionnaires, patient education materials, Medical Board, Insurance Claim Form, Laboratory R ... English/Chinese
0 points
Chinese to English
Identity Verified   Andrew Weston
  Your linguistic solution.
Japanese, Chinese, Mandarin, education, mythology, Archaeology, proto-History, Religion, Linguistics, Eastern Linguistics ... English
New Zealand
0 points
Chinese to English
Identity Verified   Jack Lian
  ATA Certified, Legal and Patent
ATA Certified Chinese translator, Chinese Patent translator, ATA certified English into Chinese translator, Japanese patent translator, ATA Certified Chinese Translation, Chinese legal translator, Chinese patent translator, Korean patent translator ... Chinese/English
0 points
Chinese to English
Identity Verified   Maciej Jackowski
  Certified Chinese - English - Polish
professional translator, certified, Chinese, English, Polish ... Polish/English
0 points
Chinese to English
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