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Bengali grammar sentences
English to Korean
Jan 9, 2008

I made the sentences below to get a feel of how different English tenses are expressed in Bengali. Would someone please check what I've written for accuracy and please explain the ones I got wrong or didn't know. By the way, I'm a student minoring in Gujarati, Hindi, and Bengali.

1. I speak Spanish.
2. I used to play video games.
3. I ate a cookie 5 min. ago.
4. Last year he was ill.
5. When his parents built the house, he was ill.
6. At the beginning of this year he has been ill, now he is fine again.
7. He had broken a leg, therefore he couldn't come to school.
8. I’m reading a book now.
9. I was working while she was studying.
10. I was eating there (- let's say lunch) until I got to know that there were cockroaches in the kitchen. Then I left (immediately).

11. I had been lying there for 3 hrs. before I fell asleep.
12. You will have been eating for 10 min. when I finish.
13. He wants me to go home now.
14. I would buy more food but I’m full now.
15. You are baptized now. ‘passive’
16. You were baptized for 5 min. ‘passive’
17. The city was destroyed by the fire ‘passive’
18. I had been baptized 3 times by 2001.
19. I will have been baptized 6 times by 2002.
20. If he paid me more, I would stay. (2 possibilities for ‘if he paid me more’)*
21. We would have built the house, if we had had the money.*

In my Bengali translation, I only translated the verb portion of the sentences. that's the only part I'm concerned with. So remember when correcting what I wrote I only need the verbs NOT the whole sentence. (unless you feel translating the entire sentence would be better for everyone viewing the post)

1. আমি কখা বি বংলা.
2. পলেতাম ভিডিও থেলা.
3. খেলাম
4. -
5. ণিসীণলেন , -
6. -, সুনদর আছি ভাল আছি
7. তাঙলাম , না পারলে আমতে
8. পড়ছি
9. কাজ করছিলাম , অধেছিলাম
10. খেছিলাম

11. অবসহান করযেছিলাম
12. –
13. চি, যটে
14. কিনলে
15. আঘাতা জায
16. আঘাতাতাম জায
17. আঘাতালাম জায
18. আঘাতাযেছিলাম জায
19. –
20. দিলে, খাকতে
21. নিমীণতে , -

There seems to be a lack of materials for learning Bengali on the web. Verbs don’t seem to be a big problem, at least with what I have encountered. Bengali seems pretty simple although I know I haven’t really been exposed a thorough breakdown of the language’s grammar.

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Anna Konar  Identity Verified
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wrong wrong Aug 5, 2008

my bengali is aweful, but at least i try to do something with it. here i see that you don't know bengali at all - you just translated it with translator. how can you ask someone to make efforts for you to check your translation if you haven't made any efforts? you even didn't check the result of your translation. for example sentences number 3 and 8 - is it not obvious to you that one bengali word can't replace the whole english sentence? so please do some work on your own first and then i'll be glad to help you.

by the way there's a very primitive bengali text-book in english here (i say primitive because i have a bengali text-book in russian and it's much much better - with lots of exersices, texts etc. for intellectual learning - though every text-book has its demerites). so after reading this book it will be easy for you to translate all these sentences on your own.

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Bengali grammar sentences

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