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May 19, 2011

Dear all, about one month I received a message from one organization, which named themselves "Google UK" (e-mail:, they offered me a position of Interpreter / Translator. Please see all our correspondence below. From the very beginning it was clear that something was wrong with this job offer, because there were no any contact information in these letters and I could not receive this information from them till the very end. Also they offered me 3250 GBP without interview. I understood that it was a scam, but wanted to know what the trick was, because they sent me different documents (something like a job offer, which contained only my contact data, Visa Application Form, Terms and Conditions and Western Union form, which was sent me only with the very last letter). Finally, I found out that it was Western Union scam. Please, be informed if you see something like this (perhaps from other e-mail addresses), this is just a scam, but not a real job offer and that you should not send them copies of your document.

Thu, 14 Apr 2011 21:18:34 +0400 письмо от "Human Resource." :

Dear Applicant,

This is from the Human Resource department Google consultant Project, a consultancy company specialized in offering training and translations for expatriates and their families here in the UK . We are in search of internationally qualified Doctors, teachers, computer Analysts, linguists, and translators, Engineers who will offer English related services to our clients.
Most of our clients come from different backgrounds and cultures, so we are in need of internationally qualified staffs of diverse cultural background to work with us.
Fluent in both written and spoken English.
Ability to work well in a team.
Good communication skills.
Ability to work well in a multi-cultural environment.
Computer literate (MS Word, Internet etc).
Responsible person.
Please not that this position attracts a monthly allowance of between GBP800 to GBP4000 and other benefits which includes accommodations (furnished) with an internet ready computer, a vehicle at your disposal if you can operate on UK roads.Salaries are known after evaluation and verification of your Resume and credentials by the Google Board Members.
Also applicants should be willing to relocate.
You are to forward your updated resume and educational certificates as soon as possible for evaluation.

Human Resource Manager,
Google Consultant Project.
Office Hours: 09:00 - 16:00 GMT, Weekdays

As soon as I sent them my CV, I received the following letter:

From: Google HR []
Sent: Monday, May 09, 2011 9:19 PM

We have pleasure in confirming your appointment as our staff member after many rigorous selection processes. We trust that your knowledge, skills and experience will be among our most valuable assets. Be earlier informed that we shall give you a further training to be able serve our respected clients to the best of our standard.

The UK Border Agency may take a decision on your application based on the information contained in your forms without interviewing you. Therefore please ensure you submit all relevant scanned documents (please see supporting documents guidance). It is better to explain why you do not have a document than to submit a false document. Your application will be automatically refused and you may be banned from coming to the UK for 10 years if you use a false document, lie or withhold relevant information. You may also be banned if you have breached immigration laws in the UK.

Your employment will commence on the 21st of July 2011- 21st of July 2012, at the pay rate stipulated in the contract letter attached. You have the option to extend the contract if our work conditions suits you after the one year initial contract. We shall provide you with an already furnished one room, with sitting room, rest room and kitchen apartment ready for you on arrival at our expense.

Note: Please kindly scan and forward the following to

1.) Signed Contract letter
2.) Data Page of your International Passport and that of your dependant(s).
3.) Your Current Passport Photograph and that of your dependant(s).
4.) Anyother relevant document.
5.) Filled UK Visa Employment Form
In making your ESF transfer ensure your name appears as the receiver and your next of kin as the sender.
You are to know that we process the entry visa/ work permit for our staffs members that are from countries outside the UK. You are not to apply at any British embassy in your country of current residence, this is our mode of operation for diplomatic reasons. GOOGLE INC. UK will take care of all costs with regards to your visa application, a one way flight ticket and other informations are contained in our terms and conditions. Go ahead and send the signed copy of your contract letter to us immediately for submission to the UK Home Office. After the Processing, the Home Office shall send your visa/ work permit parcel to your address or any of the closest British Embassies in your country of residence through there logistics and you will then go and have the visa/ work pemit permit copy pasted in your passport, this is because you can not enter the UK from your country without the visa copy on your passport.

Carefully fill the forms and ensure that all informations you will provide will be true to the best of your knowledge as the Home Office do not tolerate any form of False informations. Do not hesitate to send us an email in case you have any questions. Your Job description shall be sent to you later.


Human Resource Department
Google Inc.
Office Hours: 09:00 - 16:00 GMT, Weekdays

Sent: Thursday, May 12, 2011 3:37 PM
To: ''

Dear all,
I have started preparation of all documents, but I have got some questions.
Could you, please, clarify whether a contract should be signed after signing of a contract letter (which is a job offer) and whether it will be sent to me before my departure.
Could you, please, provide me with contact data of people (telephone numbers, e-mails) I can get in touch with in case I have any questions concerning contract, travelling or visa.
Could you, please, explain me what other documents (apart from listed below) are required for visa.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Google HR
Date: Sat, 14 May 2011 09:02:16 +0100 (BST)


We are expecting to recieve the required documents as you need to be prompt in sending the required documents.

Human Resource Department
Google Inc.

Sent: Sunday, May 15, 2011 5:25 AM
To: Google HR

Dear all,
Could you, please, clarify what am I supposed to answer for the following questions in Visa application form:
8.7. Where will you stay when you arrive the UK? (Type of accommodation, name, address)
8.9. If you are applying as a Work Permit Holder please provide the following (work permit number, date of issue, length of permit)
8.10. If you are applying as a Work Permit Holder please provide the following details of your UK Employer (full name, landline telephone number, mobile telephone number, e-mail address, address and postal code, website).
Is it possible to provide you with photographs (the same as in my passport, but they are older than 6 months)?
I cannot provide you with official records of any convictions, crimes before May 31, because at the present moment I am working far from any place I can receive this document. Is it ok?
Also I can provide you with my proof of my financial capability only upon this my project completion. However, as evidence of my present employment, I can provide you with my current employment contract, which contains information about my hour rate. Is it ok?
If I do not get the information I am asking for I will not be able to fill in the Visa form the proper way and receive Visa. Thus, please answer all the questions I asked.
Please, also provide me with your contact information (phone number, e-mail, names of people, responsible for visa, travelling and contract).

From: Google HR []
Sent: Wednesday, May 18, 2011 11:07 PM

Your questions with regard to the visa application forms have been received received, be informed that you are not supposed to fill Part 8.9- 8.33 as you do not have a UK work permit. As you have been earlier being informed, the UK Border Agency may take a decision on your application based on the information contained here without interviewing you. Therefore please ensure you filled correctly. It is better to explain why you do not have a document than to submit a false document. Your application will be automatically refused and you may be banned from coming to the UK for 10 years if you use a false document, lie or withhold relevant information. You may also be banned if you have breached immigration laws in the UK. You are required to provide an evidence of sufficient fund as directed by the new coalition government to the UK Border Agency Home office that any foreigner coming to UK should have an evidence of sufficient fund which you must provide after going through your application and approves it to be satisfactory and ready for processing. So you are to provide an evidence that you have a sufficient fund that can sustain you up to a month in the UK before you receive your first salary.

Currently the evidence of sufficient fund is 755GBP for workers already with a job or contract in the UK, 1200GBP for immigrants without a job or contract in UK and 955GBP for students.

Since you have a signed contract letter from an employer and a completed VAF forms, then you are qualified to show an evidence of 755GBP. Your form will not be processed until you show an evidence of sufficient fund which is applicable to all Direct Visa/work permit applicants here in the UK.

Article in the VAF form:
Part 8.7: Where will you stay when you arrive the UK?: It will be provided by my employer upon my arrival.

Part 8.8: What money is available to pay for your expenses such as accommodation and food for yourself and any dependants? (755 GBP) but a higher amount will give you an advantage as well since the money will be in your name as the receiver.

Part 8.9- 8.33: Please do not fill these parts as you are not a UK work permit holder.
There is no need for the official crime conviction records at the moment but you can provide it on arrival here in the UK.

For the evidence of sufficient fund, You are advised to make a Western Union Transfer Of the stipulated amount (GBP 755) seven hundred and fifty five Great British Pounds to yourself, you can still pay in more than 755GBP if you like as it will be an added advantage. You are to make the Western Union of the evidence of sufficient fund like this as we have stopped to accept bank account statement or bank card details:

Sender's Name: Your next of kin
Receiver's Name: Your Name (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)
Amount: 755GBP (a higher amount will be an advantage to you)
Destination: London, England UK.

When you arrive here in UK, you will still pick up the money from any of the various Western Union Agents here in UK upon presentation of your transfer reciept or you can as well withdraw the money there in your country immediately after receiving a confirmation that your application is ready as you have 21 days to change a transfer made. Since the transfer is in your name as the receiver, you have the sole right to your fund.

After making the Western Union transfer kindly scan the transfer receipt and immediately forward it to us for submission to the UK Border Agency Home office as your evidence of sufficient fund for immediate processing of your entry visa/ work permit. Your employment contract is one year and it will commence from the day in your contract letter.

Please you are advised to send to me a convenient date which you want to travel. Please consider the date of your starting work. Also note that the company normally deals with British Airways/ Virgin Atlantic as our official Airliners except in some cases. Upon receiving your receipt of evidence of sufficient fund, we will then book your flight ticket at your chosen date and forward in together with your forms to the UKBA for immediate approval of your visa and work permit.

I will be waiting to receive your scanned copy of all the requirements as soon as possible attached soonest so that we will complete your Visa process. Be prompt as we shall soon conclude the recruitment process and will consider your application invalid if you did not meet up with the deadline of submission.

Human Resource Department
Google Inc.
Office Hours: 09:00 - 16:00 GMT, Weekdays

Sent: Thursday, May 19, 2011 2:50 AM
To: ''
Dear Human Resource Department Google Inc.
Unfortunately, you did not answer all questions I asked you about and I am not going to ask them for the third time.
First of all, I do not know the name of addressee and do not have any contract information about you. It is not a problem to find Google pictures in Internet as well as all forms you attached. I do not believe that you are from Google, because Google is a serious company and I doubt that somebody from this company will send anonymous letter. Also there is no any your contact information even in your Contract Letter. Moreover, 3250 GBP is a significant sum of money to be offered somebody without interviewing (at least by phone). I got in touch with my company Legal Department for them to review all documents you send me and they also found suspicious all mentioned items. Moreover, I was informed about Western Union scam and evidences of it can be easily found in Internet, thus, I am not going to confirm my financial capability via Western Union.
On the basis of everything said above, I refuse from this position.
Good Luck!!!

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