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Term Translation Entered by
спално бельо bed-clothes Mihail M Mateev
трикотаж knitwear Atanas Dakov
тишлайфер table runner (Non-member)
филетка welt (Non-member)
флисе fleece Maria Dimitrova
флехтови braided (Non-member)
щрайхгарни tweed Mihail M Mateev
щрифелка roll-up button tab (Non-member)
щапел staple (Non-member)
рами ramie Mihail M Mateev
ploha box pleat (Non-member)
Състав 100 % Полиестер от тех 60 до тех 15 Composition 100% polyester, of 60 tex to 15 tex. TechLawDC
Фианка side piece (side front / side back) (Non-member)
бюстие bustier (Non-member)
влас horsehair Mihail M Mateev
затворен калибър closed caliber Emilia Balke
иглонабит латексиран филц needle-punched latex-layered felt Pavel Tsvetkov
камгарен worsted Mihail M Mateev
лито plain/tabby weave Emilia Balke
лицев плат face fabric (Non-member)
мехче bellows (Non-member)
настил marker (Non-member)
настили (за кроене) 1. cutting pattern 2. layer height (Non-member)
накатаващо устройство/ система cloth laying machine (Non-member)
неконфекционирани not manufactured to ready-made clothing (Non-member)
паспел facing, piping, edging (Non-member)
почистени на оверлог ... have been serged (Non-member)
понт bartack (Non-member)
понтирис Bartacking machine Maria Dimitrova
еко косъм faux fur/fake fur (Non-member)