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Term Translation Entered by
bunch of bull пълна измислица Pavel Tsvetkov
courtesy-call визита/посещение на учтивост; дипломатическа визита, направена в знак на уважение Andrei Vrabtchev
I na teb sashto The same to you. (Non-member)
naj mnogo tova and best of all James McVay
ne si stoi wkusti does not stay at home [very often] Pavel Tsvetkov
троша си краката да бързам come running/ rush at breakneck speed (Non-member)
тоя тук this thing (Non-member)
хвана ме съклет have the fidgets (Non-member)
хората не могат да плащат от джоба си People are unable to pay for this on their own (Non-member)
ruzete [my] hands James McVay
КППРБЧ Card of foreigner permanently residing in the Republic of Bulgaria (Non-member)
Скубя ли Ви? Am I pulling too hard? Pavel Tsvetkov
див селски биткаджия a raging-and-raving redneck / ruffian / bully Pavel Tsvetkov
за бог да прости may he rest in peace / God rest his soul (Non-member)
за маслините с любов about olives with love Denis Shepelev
заяждам се badger, nag, torment, pick a quarrel/fight (Non-member)
кума matron/maid of honour Atanas Dakov
като за делник и празник as it suits them / as they see fit / as they deem best / any way they want Pavel Tsvetkov
камо ли пък let alone (Non-member)
основание basis (Non-member)
паря (горя) Is this too hot (for you)? (Non-member)
парашутист (в преносен смисъл) protégée / parachutist / parachuter Pavel Tsvetkov
Да летиш, значи да живееш. Fly to Live, Live to Fly! Pavel Tsvetkov