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Term Translation Entered by
общодържавно издирване nationwide search (Non-member)
облагодетелстване (с престъпление по служба) benefiting from abuse of official capacity (Non-member)
обезпечителна мярка Freezing order; mandatory/security measure (Non-member)
одитът обхваща 2 годишен прериод the audit covers a 2-year period (Non-member)
опис docket (Non-member)
опосредено indirectly/mediately (Non-member)
публичен изпълнител public enforcement authority/officer/official, public bailiff (Non-member)
пр. 1., алт. 2 sent.1 , аlt. 2 (Non-member)
пр.пр. prosecutor\'s file/case Henky de Vries
правя постъпки take steps Pavel Tsvetkov
правно-обвързващ характер legally binding character/ nature (Non-member)
правоохранителни органи law (administration) authorities/bodies Kalinka Hristova
при реда и условията на ЗУЖВГМЖСВ In the manner and under the conditions set out within [the Long-Term Savers\' Housing Act] Yavor Dimitrov
приключвам дело по същество the case is essentially concluded Andrei Vrabtchev
прилагат apply / use Pavel Tsvetkov
примерен образец model, template / sample (Non-member)
принудителен общественополезен труд compulsory community service (Non-member)
принципен разговор talks in principle, general conversation (Non-member)
процесуално-следствени действия investigations and legal proceedings, investigative actions (Non-member)
процесуален представител Representative (Non-member)
процедура по допустимост Admissibility procedure (Non-member)
прокуратура Public Prosecution Service Trufev
преюдициални факти prejudicial facts (Non-member)
преупълномощавам reauthorize (Non-member)
преглед по реда на надзора review under the rules of supervision (Non-member)
представителството representation Andrei Vrabtchev
преквалифицирам дело requalify/ reclassify a legal case/proceeding - (Non-member)
преотреждане на земеделски терени change of the purpose of agricultural land belivi
партидна книга record book/land registry record book (Non-member)
по силата на това споразумение by virtue of this agreement (Non-member)
по административен ред through administrative channels (Non-member)
по вина на двамата съпрузи due to the fault of both spouses Alexandra Staneva
по описа на СГС according to the Sofia city court\'s dockets; to the docket entries with the Sofia city courts of law (Non-member)
постановление за възлагане на недвижим имот decree on/to award of property Iveta Ivanova
постановление на дознател decision by the investigating magistrate (or senior State Prosecutor) TechLawDC
постоянен трудов договор permanent employment contract Trufev
послужвам This is to certify before... (Bla-Bla Embassy) that... (Non-member)
посегателство върху личността encroachment on individual rights, violation of individual rights (Non-member)
поръчкова присъда trumped up sentence (sentence on trumped up charges) (Non-member)
под разпореждане на съда under a court ordered injunction (Non-member)