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о.с.з. /открито съдебно заседание/ open court Maria Dimitrova
осъществявам имуществена и административнонаказателна отговорност enforce financial and administrative penalties (Non-member)
осъдителна присъда verdict of guilty, condemning, condemnatory sentence (Non-member)
освобождавам от несвойствени дейности to dispose of/wind down/shed/divest its non-core business (activities), cut/close down unrelated operations, dismiss atypical activities, to cut/close down unrelated operations (Non-member)
основателен grounded, well-grounded (Non-member)
особено мнение [signed with] prejudice, note of dissent, with reservations (Non-member)
отстъпено право на строеж cession of right of construction, to cede the right Yavor Dimitrov
отчуждаване expropriation (Non-member)
отчетна сделка accounting/reporting transaction (Non-member)
отговор по компетентност redirecting to you as the competent authority... (Non-member)
отклонение от пробация probation infringement/violation (Non-member)
отм. repealed (отменен) (Non-member)
отменително основание grounds for reversal (Non-member)
отнемам (собственост) deprive of/ seize ownership; to sequester, to bar from using, to impound, to confiscate (Non-member)
отнемане на визата visa revocation (Non-member)
оценка на непарична вноска evaluation of the contribution in kind (Non-member)
охранително праизводство non-contentious proceedings (Non-member)
обяснителна записка към архитектурен проект explanatory notes to the architectural plans (Non-member)
общодържавно издирване nationwide search (Non-member)
обр. Окд. Form Okd. Denis Shepelev
облагодетелстване (с престъпление по служба) benefiting from abuse of official capacity (Non-member)
обезпечителна мярка Freezing order; mandatory/security measure (Non-member)
одитът обхваща 2 годишен прериод the audit covers a 2-year period (Non-member)
опис docket Iolanta Vlaykova Paneva
опосредено indirectly/mediately (Non-member)
оперативно-издирвателни мероприятия investigative work ...
публичен изпълнител public enforcement authority/officer/official, public bailiff (Non-member)
пр. 1., алт. 2 sent.1 , аlt. 2 (Non-member)
пр.пр. prosecutor\'s file/case Henky de Vries
правя постъпки take steps Pavel Tsvetkov
правно-нормативно обслужване Legal Services Department Denis Shepelev
правно-обвързващ характер legally binding character/ nature (Non-member)
правоохранителни органи law (administration) authorities/bodies Kalinka Hristova
при реда и условията на ЗУЖВГМЖСВ In the manner and under the conditions set out within [the Long-Term Savers\' Housing Act] Yavor Dimitrov
приключвам дело по същество the case is essentially concluded Andrei Vrabtchev
прилагат apply / use Pavel Tsvetkov
примерен образец model, template / sample (Non-member)
принудителен общественополезен труд compulsory community service (Non-member)
принципен разговор talks in principle, general conversation (Non-member)
процесуална фигура parties to a proceeding (Non-member)