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Term Translation Entered by
aftagepunkt supply point Rosica Dimitrova
anhugning attachment, hitching on (Non-member)
armeringstråde reinforcement wires Plamen Nenchev
blokvarmecentral central heating plant (Non-member)
bosterstationere booster stations (Non-member)
Det er dog en konkret vurdering, om outsourcing forhindrer certificering. A specific assessment is required as to whether ... (Non-member)
det offentlige net the power grid (Non-member)
dykrør dip pipe/ stem tube (Non-member)
elafregningspris feed-in tariff (Non-member)
Fjernvarmebrønd manhole or inspection point (Non-member)
forklaringstank Clarifying or clarification tank David Rumsey
forudsat/forudsættes it is a precondition/it is assumed (Non-member)
gasopstrømsrørledningsvirksomhed gas pipeline company (Non-member)
kløvernet triclover (Non-member)
kulkondenskraft coal condensation power David Rumsey
lovbekendtgoerelse Consolidation Act (Non-member)
luset sammen shunted Thomas T. Frost
momentarm torque arm (Non-member)
Optapening tape over/down/up (Non-member)
overlast overload Ciarán Rooney
p.e. PE (population equivalent) David Rumsey
recipientbelastningen recipient load David Rumsey
rystekugle vibration sensor (Non-member)
skelfælleskab Joint (property) boundary (Non-member)
snippen tip or corner Diarmuid Kennan
strømstyring power management (Non-member)
systemydelser system capacity (Non-member)
tilslutningsgrad percentage of participation; participation level (Non-member)
vingeskal blade shell (Non-member)
VKO-ordning Varmekonsulentordning -> Energy inspection scheme Christine Andersen