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Term Translation Entered by
63-klasse "63-accounts" ofwel "Depreciation, amortization and provisions accounts" (Non-member)
aangerekend (aanrekenen) levied/charged (on top) (Non-member)
aanrekening contra account (UK)/offset account (US) Jacqueline van der Spek
actieve/passieve latentie deferred tax debits and credits (Non-member)
activa in bestelling assets on order Jack den Haan
Afl Aruban florin/guilder (ISO code: AWG) (Non-member)
Afletteren reconcile / match entries in an account ...
afpunten tick off (Non-member)
agiostorting share premium / additional paid-in capital (US) (Non-member)
alimentatie alimony (Non-member)
annuïtaire boekwaarde depreciated book value Andre de Vries
attestmarkt audit and attest market (Non-member)
balans met tellingen a balance-sheet total Evren Madran
baten income (Non-member)
Belastbaar Taxable (Non-member)
beleidsgelden government grants Christopher Smith
bestuurlijke informatiekunde information systems, organisation and management (Non-member)
betalingsverschillen payment discrepancies / differences Jack den Haan
bewegingen in journalen journal entries (Non-member)
bijzondere posten exceptional items (Non-member)
boekhoudkundig verwerkt [en] volledig beheersmatig geanalyseerd Not only is this system able to keep accounting records of these data, it can analyse them and produce full mngmnt info as well (Non-member)
boekresultaat book profit or loss (Non-member)
bronvergelijking source benchmarking (Non-member)
brugstaat bridging statement ...
BT bijzonder tarief (Non-member)
cijferbeoordeeling analytical review (procedure) (Non-member)
Commerciële jaarcijfers Financial report and accounts (Non-member)
Conserverende belastingaanslag Jeopardy assessment (Non-member)
contante dekking cash coverage (Non-member)
coordinatieloon wage for national insurance purposes (Non-member)
De waardering is aan nominale waarde uitgevoerd. These have been taken/charged at carrying/face value. (Non-member)
deaccorderen disapprove Sindy Cremer
Debiteuren en Artikelen Accounts receivable and products (Non-member)
debiteurenbeheer h: credit controller Evert DELOOF-SYS
debiteurentermijn debtor collection period Joost Simons
deelneming (verbonden onderneming cf. deelnemingsverhouding) A: Affiliated/associated entities - 1: Participating (Non-member)
deelvisser share-fisherman Alexander Schleber
deelwaarneming samples ...
dekkingsbijdrage security/advance deposit (Non-member)
dekkingsrekening covering account/suspense account (Non-member)