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Term Translation Entered by
aanpassing scheepsleding pek modification of ship (liquid) pitch piping system Jack den Haan
Dbpn : 5.1/2" FH pneumatic drill borer: 5.5" Full Height? Henk Peelen
Dc's Drill Collar(s) Eddie R. Notowidigdo
HTC-OSC HTC-OSC Jack den Haan
klinkers paving bricks (Non-member)
kolommenbaan pipe rack (Non-member)
loodafdruk lead impression Eddie R. Notowidigdo
Loodschijf Lead Impression Block Eddie R. Notowidigdo
MDO MDO (Marine Diesel Oil) (Non-member)
meetplan monitoring plan Lianne van de Ven
niet-hechtgebonden not bonded Textpertise
Overboorbuis Washover pipe Eddie R. Notowidigdo
Overboorschoen Washover or Rotary shoe Eddie R. Notowidigdo
Overboorserie Washover string Eddie R. Notowidigdo
Overboren Washover Eddie R. Notowidigdo
RKK ingelaten en gekernd RKK lowered and cored Jack den Haan
slingerschotten bulkhead, wash bulkhead (Non-member)
steekpan connecting flange Alexander Schleber
tankjeswagen canister transporter (Non-member)
tri-butheen tributene, tri-butene (Non-member)
vlakke frees Flat Bottom Junk Mill Eddie R. Notowidigdo
w.d. wanddikte (wall thickness, abbr. W.THK) Jack den Haan