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Term Translation Entered by
... van kruisen en uit kruisen ... of crossbreeding and cross-pollination Max Nuijens
bodembewoner ground dweller (Non-member)
gestuwde trek narrow-front migration (Non-member)
groenbeheer green space management (Non-member)
groenbestemmingen green space allocation (Non-member)
knieholte hollow/back of the knee (Non-member)
knijten sand flies, black flies Dr Lofthouse
landbouwtelling agricultural census (Non-member)
openbaar groen parks and gardens Antoinette Verburg
overgangsassociatie transient association (Non-member)
pathobiochemie pathobiochemistry Textpertise
plantengier/vloeibare groene mest liquid compost (Non-member)
sporenzaak latent print case file (LPC) (Non-member)
takkenril dead hedge (Non-member)
transfectiesups transfection supernatants (Non-member)
ziekte van Aujeszky Aujeszky’s Disease (Non-member)