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"... verhuurd als "casco" of "verhuurgereed" "... let/rented/leased as a "shell" or "ready for occupation , ready for use turnkey , walk-in" ...
(hypotheekofferte) beëindigd (mortgage offer) terminated (Non-member)
(opgebouwde waarde) aftrekken (the net amount [of certain liabilities less assets]) is subtracted [from the new loan amount] TechLawDC
4/1e, 4/2e, 330 wk, 332 hs (property abbreviations) 4/first, 4/second, 4/third; shop; ground floor (flat) (Non-member)
aankoopmakelaar/verkoopmakelaar buyer's agent / seller's agent (USA); buying agent / selling agent (U.K.) TechLawDC
aansluiten (bij een geschilleninstantie) register with (a dispute settlement authority / arbitration body / dispute authority) Michael Joseph Wdowiak Beijer
aantekening recht caution (against first registration) (Non-member)
afkopen (v.e. bankspaarrekening) buy out (e.g. a bank savings/building society account) (Non-member)
afvalstoffenheffing waste collection levy (Non-member)
akte van bijverband deed of additional mortage Jack den Haan
akte van royement application for registration (of discharge)/deed of revocation (sometimes deed of cancellation) (Non-member)
appartementensplitsing division into apartments Michael Joseph Wdowiak Beijer
aspotten axle boxes (Non-member)
baanwinkel / retailpark shop on an approach (major) road / shopping centre (retail park) Alexander Schleber
Basis levering gebouw (basic) scope of supply Michael Joseph Wdowiak Beijer
behoorlijk gerechtvaardigde prestaties duly justified invoices/services rendered Evert DELOOF-SYS
besluit financiële bepalingen bodemsanering Decree on financial provisions for soil remediation Buck
bestemming wonen residential zoning permit (Non-member)
bevi External safety (establishments) decree (Non-member)
bevoorschottingswaarde amount of the mortgage advance Kitty Brussaard
bijzondere lasten en beperkingen special charges and restrictions (Non-member)
binnengebied inner area (Non-member)
borgtochtprovisie mortgage guarantee fee (payable to the National Mortgage Guarantee scheme) (Non-member)
BTW-aftrek VAT deduction (Non-member)
buitenstaanplaats off-street/off-road parking place/space (Non-member)
bureautaxatie in-office assessment Jack den Haan
casco shell ( The outer structure of a building, ship or other structure without any further additions,the first stage in construction (Non-member)
courantheid typical marketing time Kitty Brussaard
derdenrekening third party account (Non-member)
diverse clausules various clauses vixen
doorgeefregeling (mortgage) transfer arrangement (Non-member)
doorstroming (volkshuisvesting) movement (housing) (Non-member)
dwaas opbod 'irresponsible bid' (Non-member)
een koper aanbrengen find a buyer (Non-member)
fiscaal geruisloos without tax consequences; untaxed; tax-neutral Michael Joseph Wdowiak Beijer
gagarandeerd eindkapitaal guaranteed capital at maturity (Non-member)
garantiepolis met winstdeling with-profits policy with guaranteed payment at maturity; with-profits policy with maturity guarantee Michael Joseph Wdowiak Beijer
gedeelten van het gehuurde parts of the rented/leased property dmesnier
Gedoogplicht obligation to tolerate / tolerance oblogation (Non-member)
gelijk verhuurder aan huurder in huur zal geven and Lessor leases to Lessee Michael Joseph Wdowiak Beijer