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Term Translation Entered by
"stamboomvaders" patriarchs (Non-member)
'Draagkracht' Uplifting power (Non-member)
Agneten Agnesians (Non-member)
bevestigd en ingezegend pronounced as husband and wife in a marriage service held ...
gaat niet op bij does not apply to Cillie Swart
gevormd confirmed (Non-member)
het College van Kerkrentmeesters the Church Commissioners (Non-member)
Hoge Professie Priestdom (Non-member)
hoofdkrijgsmachtrabbijn b.d. Emeritus Chief Military Rabbi Textpertise
lentefeest spring ceremony (Non-member)
maat en trap extent and level Henk Peelen
mensbeeld view of humanity (Non-member)
monialen enclosed nuns (Non-member)
phrygische muts Phrygian hat or cap Mirjam Bonne-Nollen
tienmanschap / tienman decemvirate / decemvir Michael J.W. Beijer
uit het vlees out of the flesh (Non-member)
uit vruchtwater from the waters of the womb (Non-member)
vormsel confirmation Maria Karra
Zijt/Wees Gode bevolen May God keep you (safe) Antoinette Verburg