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Term Translation Entered by
afgewreven activiteit(en) wipe activity, wipe test sample(s) (Non-member)
afwijking deviation Textpertise
arbotechnisch health & safety (Non-member)
benedenwinds zoggebied downwind wake (Non-member)
doorvoeren insert MoiraB
drukpeer pipette bulb (Non-member)
elektromagnetische vermogenstechnologie electromagnetic power technology Evert DELOOF-SYS
faculteitsoverstijgend interdepartmental Michael Joseph Wdowiak Beijer
foutendiscussie error discussion, error analysis Jack den Haan
funderend energieonderzoek fundamental energy research (Non-member)
gasbelemmerd gas resistant ...
granulaten granulates (Non-member)
Kanteljaar pivotal year (Non-member)
kennisinstellingen knowledge centres Lianne van de Ven
kleefmonster adhesive sample (Non-member)
lokstroom attraction flow, lure flow (Non-member)
moedermeting baseline measurement (Non-member)
patrimonium legacy Anne Lee
stampstortgewicht compacted bulk density MoiraB
territoriumdrift hunger for territory ...
trekbeveiliging pull back safety device/pull safety device (Non-member)
uitgedempt damped out, dampened out Jack den Haan