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Term Translation Entered by
(nadruk toegevoegd) (emphasis ours) or (emphasis added) (Non-member)
432-voudige loose tube glasvezelkabel 432-fiber loose-tube FO cable Andre de Vries
ADSL Instapsurfen ADSL Starterspack (Non-member)
afmetingen van de mobilofoonplaat dimensions of the mounting plate for the mobile radio Ashok Bagri
Apparatuurruimtes equipment room Ashok Bagri
bewijsnummering broadcast monitoring and reporting, airplay information system/sequence numbering Anne Lee
boeksleutel segmenten account key segments Ashok Bagri
bovengrensregulering upper limit regulation (Non-member)
draadomroepinrichtingen (alsmede kabelinrichtingen) cable broadcasting networks and also cable networks Barend van Zadelhoff
gevoelig hoger liggen dan appreciably / perceptibly higher than forecast (Non-member)
herbalancering re-weighting (Non-member)
invitatietoon prompt signal Alexander Schleber
KE (kabelexploitant) cable company (Non-member)
kopblad kopblad ...
kruimelmenu bread-crumb menu (Non-member)
loshaalbare detachable Magdalena Balibrea Vich
Manteldiensten basic services (Non-member)
naambellen alpha dialling Andrew Howitt
netting-overzicht netting summaries/tables (Non-member)
nulbeurt commissioning test Jack den Haan
onregelmatigheden anomalies (in this context) (Non-member)
Opstelsporen sidings Ashok Bagri
regulering aanscherpen to tighten up regulation (Non-member)
sein pager number katja van hellemond
Storing Interruption, interference (Non-member)
tijdsbepaling time limit (Non-member)
toegangpassen proximity reader (Non-member)
Treklijst (Wire/cable) pull-list (Non-member)
uitportering/inportering porting out/porting in Edward Vreeburg
Uitvallijst Reject list Ashok Bagri
uitvraag van data analysis of the data Alexander Schleber
verzonken kosten Sunk costs Frank Hesse
voedende glasvezelkabel Fiber optic feeder cable (Non-member)
warm doorverbinden warm-connect Lianne van de Ven
wisselvoorraad spare parts stock Ashok Bagri