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Term Translation Entered by
(kamer van de) opperwachtmeester Chief Sergeant's office (Non-member)
aansluitkast Terminal box (Non-member)
alle punten en komma's bespreken everything is discussed in great detail (Non-member)
atv dagen days off in connection with the reduction in working hours scheme (Non-member)
“Volume” is niet aan ons besteed It\'s not about quantity. MoiraB
confrontatiekamer Identity Parade Room (Non-member)
debrasseren clear the tables (Non-member)
draaibrug swing bridge (Non-member)
dropping orienteering (exercise) (Non-member)
Groepscommandant group commander (Non-member)
Hikam (wijsheid). Hicham (Hisham) Evert DELOOF-SYS
keukenpakket Kitchen requisites Dave Greatrix
koffietafel light lunch (Non-member)
LEERMEESTER Instructor (Non-member)
markering(en) (Ingangsmarkering, Restaurantmarkering, Dakmarkeringen, enz.) signs Michael J.W. Beijer
mooi op mensenmaat Small-town feel (people friendly) Francina
overwinteraar winter visitor (Non-member)
pas 65 reduction for OAPs (Non-member)
pijpenla long narrow room (Non-member)
Postcommandant Station commander (Non-member)
Rayoncommandant District commander (Non-member)
reisformules Travel Packages and Programs Francina
smokkelspel smuggling game (Non-member)
standfaciliteiten typo for beach facilities (strandfaciliteiten) (Non-member)
ticketmal counterfoil (Non-member)
tokkelen rope slide (Non-member)
uiting (promotional) activity, communication (Non-member)
vakantievoorpret Get ready for holiday fun/for a fun holiday (Non-member)
Vrije reizigers non-concessionary passengers Susanne Roelands
Wachtmeester 1 Senior Sergeant (Non-member)
warmtegordijn air screen / air curtain (Non-member)
wissel housekeeping (services) Charline Helsmoortel