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Term Translation Entered by
"talud" slope / ramp (Non-member)
a/b bij Kapt Money, (monies) collected by the captain on board. Dave Greatrix
aanvoer supply ...
Aanvulopdracht Replenishment order Andrew Howitt
aanzuigeffect magnetic effect AllisonK
accijnsgoederenplaats bonded store katieker
achtwagenstel 8 car multiple unit (Non-member)
actieve veredeling (AV) - schorsingssysteem Inward processing [permit] / System for Exempting / Suspending Excise Duty (Non-member)
af bedrijf ex works Erik Macki
afhaalcentrum collection centre Michael J.W. Beijer
aflader shipper (Non-member)
Afname/risico-overgang Acceptance and transfer of risk Maria Rosich Andreu
afvulmachine multihead weigher (Non-member)
afvulstort chute (Non-member)
alleenvaart skeleton crew Frank Hesse
automaatje trip switch / automatic fuse (Non-member)
AVT IPR - Inward Processing relief (Non-member)
bakaanduiding cariage number / coach number (Non-member)
bakbelasting maximum load/payload (Non-member)
balise balise, eurobalise (Non-member)
beddingsconstante subgrade reaction modulus Ramon Somoza
bedrijfsremming normal brake applications/service braking Textpertise
beloodsingsplaats pilot boarding location Tina Vonhof
beremmingsstaat braking capability/braking capacity Textpertise
beschikbaarheid (operational) availability (Non-member)
bestellijn; bestellijnen order line; order lines Michael J.W. Beijer
bestelregel order line (Non-member)
bestemd om te worden verwerkt ready/meant to be processed (Non-member)
betaalpost payment item Jack den Haan
bijligger rafted vessel (Non-member)
bodembelading bottom loading (Non-member)
bodemvrijheid ground clearance ...
bok trestle Jacqueline van der Spek
boord/wal communicatie systeem 1. track and trace 2. vehicle to base communication system (Non-member)
boordnetomvormer on-board supply converter (Non-member)
boxoplegger box trailer (Non-member)
buszendingen letterbox items (Non-member)
charteren (sentence) charter Christopher Smith
dagranddistributie off-peak deliveries (Non-member)