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Terms translated by translators via the KudoZ help network

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Term Translation Entered by
afsplitsing subspecies (Non-member)
beverrat coypu (Non-member)
bokmerrie stimulus mare (Non-member)
Bromeliaskink Plated Dwarf Tegu (Non-member)
getijdenspin intertidal trapdoor spider (Non-member)
graanmeikever cereal cockchafer (Non-member)
hyphen (in de algemene holte) hypha (Non-member)
ingebaald stuffed/mounted MoiraB
Kipduiven hen pigeons (Non-member)
Koninginnerooster queen excluder (Non-member)
Poepvis poop-eating fish philgoddard
veldvergiftiging incidence of poisoning in the field (Non-member)
vleesrassen utility pigeons/squabs (Non-member)
voor rechtelijke matiging vatbaar open to judicial mitigation (Non-member)
zang-, kleur- en postuurkanaries song, colour and posture canaries MoiraB