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Term Translation Entered by
afgepeld removed Ashok Bagri
bedieningscomputer master computer Ashok Bagri
bedrijfsurentelling (BUT) Operating Hours Counter (Non-member)
blijft initiëel keeps the default value Ashok Bagri
controlemiddelen controls (Non-member)
de tekening van de uitgevoerde staten process flow chart (Non-member)
digitale inhoudsdienst digital content service (Non-member)
doorgelust mapped Ashok Bagri
doorklikkers speed-clickers (Non-member)
doorkliksysteem drill down (Non-member)
doorlaatwaarde threshold value (Non-member)
exploit exploit Lianne van de Ven
functioneel inhoudelijke inrichting functional content design (Non-member)
gecompleteerd tot completed or transformed (Non-member)
hulpschermen help screens (Non-member)
in dubbele helderheid highlighted (in bold) (Non-member)
informatiebus information bus vixen
JMS Schil JMS layer (Non-member)
NK's en CPU's numerical controllers (NCs) and CPUs (Non-member)
normverbruik nominal consumption vixen
persluchtmetingen compressed air measurements (Non-member)
staartstuk trailer Ashok Bagri
systeembenadering systems approach (Non-member)
Terugmeldbestand feedback file (Non-member)
uitvoer-wachtrij output queue Ashok Bagri
vanaf de ws tot aan de ds from work station to data server (Non-member)
verbruik usage (Non-member)
waart wel rond may come across it (here and there) Ashok Bagri
woz taxatie WOZ assessment, assessment under the WOZ Barbara Zornig Stolk