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Term Translation Entered by
achterligger client/customer/principal (Non-member)
BEVOB - Beveiligingsrichtlijn tegengaan onbevoegde beinvloeding Safety guidelines for external (and internal) factors of influence (Non-member)
daar houden wij het dan ook maar op Let's leave it at that (Non-member)
de deuren opengooien be open to outside ideas; be transparent; open up (Non-member)
De Rotterdamse mentaliteit: Niet l..., maar poetsen! Actions speak louder than words (Non-member)
dikke lul! Fat chance! (Non-member)
een beetje quite to be/break (more or less) even (Non-member)
foekie-loekie quirky (Non-member)
groen Lachen a jaundiced smile (Non-member)
knallen having a blast (Non-member)
Kras in de plaat Once you pop, you just can't stop Max Nuijens
larix funky (Non-member)
pizzi goober, naive, foolish (Non-member)
poeperd bum/butt (Non-member)
schiet niet echt op This is not (really) getting you anywhere. (Non-member)
stevige knuist respect / keep it up / catch you later / take care / (Non-member)
stroomstoot electrical shock, electro-shock Sherefedin MUSTAFA
tuuk op zijn bakkens smash in the face (Non-member)
van kant laten maken they had him finished off (killed) (Non-member)
verdient geen schoonheidsprijs left much to be desired Max Nuijens
Watskeburt whathappened/whadappend ...
zakken vol hebben van I have had (more than) enough of this. (Non-member)
zo ruim mogelijk altijd nemen It would be best to leave as much time as possible (Non-member)