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verbrokkelen op last van eigen identiteit I want to remove all (car)drivers, who just ruïn the roads for the sake of their own glorification (Non-member)
"...overleggen richting justitie..." hand in/over to judicial authorities (Non-member)
"Acte van levering van certificaten van aandelen B buiten de beurs om" "Transfer deed for private transfer of depositary receipts". (Non-member)
"diner pensant" dinner debate Chris Hopley
... ... (Non-member)
24/24 u. 24/7 or around-the-clock Michael Beijer
A.O. Accounting and internal control system (Non-member)
aan te willen merken take into account/consideration (Non-member)
aangrijpingspunt points of reference Allison Klein
aanneemovereenkomst (turnkey) construction / building contract (Non-member)
Aannemingscontract programming contract/subcontractor contract (Non-member)
aanrekenen van waarborg voor verpakking deposit for the packaging/packing (materials) Charles Stanford
Abbreviation o.w.v om wille van (Flemish) / in connection with, because of (Non-member)
Achterafconditie retrospective condition/term Jack den Haan
achterban employees, employers and pensioners ...
acquirerend gesprek acquisition call (Non-member)
actiehouder action owner (Non-member)
adhocratiecultuur adhocracy culture Ariser
afrastering fencing / demarcation Alexander Schleber
afritsbaar(heid) separability/detachability Johan Venter
afroepende instantie call-up authority/party, ordering party (Non-member)
afroomgrens skimming limit, cap (Non-member)
afschakeling interessent wordt opting out is worthwhile considering (Non-member)
Afschrijving Depreciation (Non-member)
afzakstraat bagging line (Non-member)
Als overweging wordt meegegeven te participeren one possible option (worth considering) is to participate in (Non-member)
als van exploitant as well as from the proprietor (Non-member)
AOW enkelvoudig Individual Old Age Pension (Status: married or cohabiting) Albert Stufkens
arbitragemogelijkheden arbitrage opportunities Textpertise
assurantiepenningen insurance proceeds (Non-member)
ATV-dagen en vrije dagen complicated... ...
B.H.R. / BHR X Trade Register (Non-member)
baggeroorlog dredger war (2001) [or mudslinging match generally speaking] (Non-member)
bakzeil halen rejected / declined (Non-member)
basaal langs de deur traditional/basic/good old door-to-door selling (Non-member)
bediendenkantoor employee offices (Non-member)
bedrijfscauserie (informal) business discussion Alexander Schleber
bedrijfshulpverlening hier zijn al twee kudozvragen over gesteld (Non-member)
bedrijfsjurist Company lawyer / in-house counsel (Non-member)
bedrijfslasten Operating costs / operating expenses / operating charges / operating losses (Non-member)