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Term Translation Entered by
criminele uitspatting surge in criminal behaviour (Non-member)
de return komt niet vanzelf the rewards don't come easily polymath
Er zal een begin gemaakt worden met de aanleg.... Construction of new motorways will begin (in order to solve the....) ...
gpa-branche (need another name for glass, porcelain and earthenware industry) glass and ceramics Lawyer-Linguist
Indischgast \'Indischgast\' (someone who has spent a long time in the former Dutch East Indies) Lena Vanelslander
Internationale MBA vliegt managers de wereld rond Global experience ... (Non-member)
klinisch sterile Textpertise
lijfblad fave mag ...
ontluisterend disappointing/shocking Antoinette Verburg
perfect afgeschermde hotelsuites fully isolated hotel suites (Non-member)
positieve balans positive results MoiraB
van onze redactie economie (from our) economics editor (Non-member)
verjubelen squander polymath
wel de lusten maar niet de lasten all gain, no pain polymath