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Term Translation Entered by
criminele uitspatting surge in criminal behaviour (Non-member)
de return komt niet vanzelf the rewards don't come easily (Non-member)
Er zal een begin gemaakt worden met de aanleg.... Construction of new motorways will begin (in order to solve the....) ...
gpa-branche (need another name for glass, porcelain and earthenware industry) glass and ceramics (Non-member)
Indischgast \'Indischgast\' (someone who has spent a long time in the former Dutch East Indies) Lena Vanelslander
Internationale MBA vliegt managers de wereld rond Global experience ... (Non-member)
klinisch sterile Textpertise
lijfblad fave mag ...
ontluisterend disappointing/shocking Antoinette Verburg
perfect afgeschermde hotelsuites fully isolated hotel suites (Non-member)
positieve balans positive results MoiraB
van onze redactie economie (from our) economics editor (Non-member)
verjubelen squander (Non-member)
wel de lusten maar niet de lasten all gain, no pain (Non-member)