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Term Translation Entered by
"cinemagrafie" dynamic radionuclide imaging Barend van Zadelhoff
Afwezige AH-variatie VCI AH variation absent from IVC Francina
belastbaar cardiac stress tolerance (Non-member)
beperkt MI limited MI (myocardial infarction) (Non-member)
bevloeiingsgebied supply area (Non-member)
bifurcatie prothese Bifurcation prosthesis (Non-member)
Cardiale genese cardiac origin Mark Shimmin
Cardiale struwing Cardial stasis (Non-member)
cave beginnende overvulling Early signs of fluid overload Francina
CD-sinussen costodiaphragmatic sinuses (Non-member)
collabeert Contracting / collapsing (Non-member)
Coronaro Coronary Angiogram Edirel Susanna
draainis (medisch) dizziness bgranger
echoarm hypoechoic (Non-member)
een diffuus 3-taks coronarialijden diffuse 3-vessel heart disease (Non-member)
Eentaksziekte usually single vessel disease/sometimes single-vessel disease/very occasionally termed univessel disease Textpertise
enkel E only E was measured Dr Lofthouse
expositietechnieken exposure techniques (Non-member)
geen NSP no neck and shoulder pain (Non-member)
geen WSP no widespread pain (Non-member)
gestoorde diffusie impaired diffusion (Non-member)
goed voor hart en bloedvaten good for (beneficial to) the cardiovascular system (Non-member)
Hartvaatsteel vascular pedicle (of the heart) Francina
Kaakhoek Angle of the jaw / Angulus mandibulae / Mandibular angle / Angle of mandible (Non-member)
kaderinstructeurs First Aid instructor (Non-member)
Kalibersprong change in caliber Edirel Susanna
knopatheromatose aortic knob atheromatosis ...
LCX linker circumflex kransslagader = left circumflex coronary branch bgranger
lead staat uit lead was deactivated (Non-member)
licht MI, licht TI, matig PI mild mitral insufficiency, mild tricuspid insufficiency, moderate pulmonary insufficiency. (Non-member)
Normotrofe Normotrophic Francina
oorsprongskoppen proximal heads (Non-member)
ORBTB ORBTB = onvolledig rechter bundeltakblok = PRBBB = partial right bundle branch block Henk Peelen
OW inferior wall Lianne Wouters
plakvorming (atherosclerotic) plaque formation Christopher Smith
PLR posterolateral ramus (PLR) Barend van Zadelhoff
prec. afl. precordial leads (Non-member)
Pufje slight Dr Lofthouse
rechtsdrukken right heart pressures (Non-member)
retrosternaal nijpende last squeezing retrosternal discomfort/pain Barend van Zadelhoff