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Term Translation Entered by
"cinemagrafie" dynamic radionuclide imaging Barend van Zadelhoff
Afwezige AH-variatie VCI AH variation absent from IVC Francina
ambulant doorgemaakt voorwandinfarct out-of-hospital anterior wall myocardial infarction Barend van Zadelhoff
belastbaar cardiac stress tolerance (Non-member)
beperkt MI limited MI (myocardial infarction) (Non-member)
bevloeiingsgebied supply area (Non-member)
bifurcatie prothese Bifurcation prosthesis (Non-member)
Cardiale genese cardiac origin (Non-member)
Cardiale struwing Cardial stasis (Non-member)
cave beginnende overvulling Early signs of fluid overload Francina
CD-sinussen costodiaphragmatic sinuses (Non-member)
collabeert Contracting / collapsing (Non-member)
Coronaro Coronary Angiogram Edirel Susanna
distaliteit distal lesion Barend van Zadelhoff
draainis (medisch) dizziness (Non-member)
echoarm hypoechoic (Non-member)
een diffuus 3-taks coronarialijden diffuse 3-vessel heart disease (Non-member)
Eentaksziekte usually single vessel disease/sometimes single-vessel disease/very occasionally termed univessel disease Textpertise
enkel E only E was measured Dr Lofthouse
expositietechnieken exposure techniques (Non-member)
geen NSP no neck and shoulder pain (Non-member)
geen WSP no widespread pain (Non-member)
gestoorde diffusie impaired diffusion (Non-member)
goed voor hart en bloedvaten good for (beneficial to) the cardiovascular system (Non-member)
Hartvaatsteel vascular pedicle (of the heart) Francina
Kaakhoek Angle of the jaw / Angulus mandibulae / Mandibular angle / Angle of mandible (Non-member)
kaderinstructeurs First Aid instructor (Non-member)
Kalibersprong change in caliber Edirel Susanna
klepetiologie valvular heart disease (this context) Barend van Zadelhoff
knopatheromatose aortic knob atheromatosis ...
LCX linker circumflex kransslagader = left circumflex coronary branch (Non-member)
lead staat uit lead was deactivated (Non-member)
licht MI, licht TI, matig PI mild mitral insufficiency, mild tricuspid insufficiency, moderate pulmonary insufficiency. (Non-member)
Normotrofe Normotrophic Francina
oorsprongskoppen proximal heads (Non-member)
ORBTB ORBTB = onvolledig rechter bundeltakblok = PRBBB = partial right bundle branch block Henk Peelen
OW inferior wall Lianne Wouters
OW infarct inferior wall myocardial infarction (IWMI, inferior MI) Barend van Zadelhoff
plakvorming (atherosclerotic) plaque formation Christopher Smith
PLR posterolateral ramus (PLR) Barend van Zadelhoff