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Term Translation Entered by
getuide stayed Dr Lofthouse
opslag van 6% van de gefactureerde bouwtermijnen 6% of the invoiced milestone payments (Non-member)
tabletmeubelen 2 kitchen (units with) countertops Francina
"hang en sluitwerk" ironmongery DianeGM
"japanners" wheel barrow (Non-member)
1 bedskamer gesluisd single-bed room with sluice (Non-member)
3de GSGV (informatieve verordening inzake machinelawaai) third statute of machine safety act Henk Peelen
4-wandige stegdoppelplaten four-layered acrylic sheets (Non-member)
a.s.p. pantry en keuken in kantine terminal/connection point/connecting point ... Andre de Vries
aan- en afhaakproblematiek participation and non-participation issue (or problem) Jack den Haan
aangestort filled Marijke Singer
aanhelen add/join to form a whole (Non-member)
aansnijden van woongebied. (further) development or site preparation of the residential area Jack den Haan
aansturen manage Lianne van de Ven
aard- en nagelvast; aard en nagelvast permanently fixed; permanently attached Michael Beijer
abreviation: KB CP/cathodic protection (Non-member)
achter de hand opvoegen jointing (Non-member)
afbouwbedrijf finishing company Rik Schraag
afbouwgarantie completion guarantee (Non-member)
Afdruipremmer drip inhibitor Linda Flebus
afgevlinderd power floated Andre de Vries
afgewerkte kantoren turnkey offices (Non-member)
afmessen/egaliseren to level off / skim off Alexander Schleber
afpers- en doorspoelverklaringen pressure test and rinsing certification ...
afsluitgat opening (Non-member)
afstemmingsoverleg project coordination meeting (Non-member)
afstemverliezen losses due to poor coordination (management) Michael Beijer
afstotingsverschijnsel plaster coming loose (cracking and peeling) (Non-member)
afwerkbedrijf finishing contractor (Non-member)
afwerkingslistel listel Michael Beijer
Algemene akte deed of conveyance/sale Laurens Landkroon
aluker binnenbekleding Aluker lining (Non-member)
aluminium dagkant aluminium reveal (trim) (Non-member)
anti-worteldoek anti-rooting membrane/mat (Non-member)
antimetrisch antimetric (loading) (Non-member)
applicatiematerialen adhesives Michael Beijer
armatuur fitting Ramon Somoza
ashuis axle (or shaft) housing vic voskuil
b.o.b. invert pipe level Olly Pekelharing
b.v.o. / v.v.o. gross floor area (bruto vloeroppervlakte) / lettable floor space (verhuurbare vloeroppervlakte) Jack den Haan