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Term Translation Entered by
accres annual growth (rate/percentage) (Non-member)
belevingswaarde experiential value (Non-member)
conjunctuurschok cyclical shock (Non-member)
doorontwikkeld continuously developed Laurens Landkroon
faalvorm / faaleffect / faalwijze failure type / effect of the failure / failure process Alexander Schleber
Franco orderbedrag free delivery for orders over xxx ...
groeimotor Engine of growth / Economic locomotive (Non-member)
Hof van Justitie van de Europese Unie (HJEG) European Court of Justice (ECJ) Alexander Schleber
loonquote wage share Anne Lee
Magere tijden Lean times (Non-member)
medegelding they wish the application of the treaty to be extended to them (Non-member)
overlopende activa Prepayments and accrued income/ Silvy Codde
prijsklem price(-)squeeze (Non-member)
remmend effect inhibitory effect (Non-member)
schaalvoordeel economy of scale (Non-member)
schuldquote debt ratio Christopher Smith
This overcome making trans Atlantic arrows in our goals This prevents us sabotaging the achievement of our own trans-Atlantic objectives and ensures we end up with concrete plans (Non-member)
trendmatig trend vixen
verblijfkosten accommodation expenses (Non-member)
woekert half ondergronds de inflatie inflation carries on right below the surface Michael J.W. Beijer