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Term Translation Entered by
Nederlandse vereniging van leerlingbegeleiders Dutch Association of pupil/student/school counsellors (Non-member)
'minder handen voor de klas' Less teaching personnel/Reducing the number of teaching staff (Non-member)
(methodische) dienstverlening (vak in HBO) (methodical/systematic) service delivery (Non-member)
. Middelbaar beroepsonderwijs MNHO Diploma in Industrial and Domestic Studies (Non-member)
... we hebben een efficiencyslag gemaakt ... we achieved significant efficiency improvements TransAction
2e klas Havo 2nd year Upper General Secondary Educucation (Havo) (Non-member)
a-stroom A-stream Jack den Haan
Aanleg show evidence of (..) abilities/skills and interest Lianne van de Ven
afnamelocatie (.... is responsible for invigilation at) the place where the test(s) takes place (Non-member)
afrondingsverschillen round-off differences/rounding-off differences (Non-member)
afstudeerbedrijf graduate project company (Non-member)
afstudeerders final-year students MoiraB
afstudeerrichting specialization; main subject [BE]; major field [AE] (Non-member)
afstudeertraject final year programme (Non-member)
afstudeerzitting Viva (voce) / thesis defence / final (PhD / Masters) examination (Non-member)
agrarisch forfaitair / agrarisch boekhouding agricultural fixed rates / agricultural declaration (Non-member)
algemeen beroepsoverstijgend vak generalist course (Non-member)
analyseverhaal; analyse-verhaal analytical narrative Lianne van de Ven
ankeropdracht base assignment, support assignment Erik Dupont
atheneum pre-university school (Non-member)
basisdocent Tutor / lecturer / teacher (Non-member)
bètavakken science subjects (Non-member)
Begaafdheidsprofielscholen schools for the gifted and talented ...
bekwaamheidsdiploma diploma of proficiency / proficiency diploma Alexander Schleber
Beoordelingsstaat transcript (Non-member)
Beroepsbegeleidende BBL learning track in vocational education ... (Non-member)
beroepspraktijkvorming practical vocational training (Non-member)
beroepspraktijkvormingsovereenkomst vocational placement agreement Dorine Oz-Vermeulen
bestuurlijke informatievoorziening public information management (Non-member)
Bewegingsagoog Movement teacher (Non-member)
Boeiend onderwijs motivating education / motivational education Alexander Schleber
bovenbouw (basisonderwijs) advanced stage (primary education) (Non-member)
bovenschoolse voorziening meta school facility (Non-member)
brugfiguur family and community liaison (officer) (Non-member)
brugklassers first-formers (Non-member)
cafetaria-onderwijs. cafeteria model / Pick and Mix Education / self-service education (Non-member)
caput college caput lecture, caput lecture series Jack den Haan
civiel effect (demonstrable) social impact (Non-member)
co-referaat paper presented by co-speaker (Non-member)
Constructivistisch Leren constructivist learning (Non-member)