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Term Translation Entered by
1x apart gevoed single separate power supply Jack den Haan
aanraakspanning contact voltage; touch voltage; static charge Michael Joseph Wdowiak Beijer
aansnijding leading edge (or forward) phase control (Non-member)
aansteker(s) ignition device / igniter George Thomson
aardlitze, messing vernikkelde aardrail earth litze (wire); (flexible) earth strap; brass coated earthing bus bar (Non-member)
aardvlak earthing surface (Non-member)
aderlijst (cable) core list Jack den Haan
afgaand veld outgoing unit; feeder bay Michael Joseph Wdowiak Beijer
afleidweerstand discharge resistance/resistance to ground Edirel Susanna
afzetlint cordon tape (Non-member)
Aktor Actuator (Non-member)
Alarmoverdracht alarm transmission (Non-member)
ALSB (Algemeen Laag Spannings Bord) <-- Vlaams LVDB (Low Voltage Distribution Board) <-- US (Non-member)
arder-eindhulsen cable end sleeves Ashok Bagri
baanvoedingen track supplies Jack den Haan
baardsleutel bit key (Non-member)
bakshandkruk unit's hand crank (Non-member)
beeldplaatje image frame / image display (Non-member)
beschermklasse protection class EdithK
bestukking mounting Andre de Vries
beveiligingskring protective circuit Jack den Haan
bij bekrachtiging when energised (Non-member)
blindstroomcompensatiemiddelen reactive power compensation units (Non-member)
blusdiode suppressor diode Ramon Somoza
BSC base station controller (Non-member)
bussplitter bus splitter (Non-member)
constantaan constantan (Non-member)
D-patronen D-fuse (Non-member)
demi water demineralised water Ramon Somoza
differentiaal stroom/stromen differential current(s) Andrew Howitt
dimmersturing dimmer control (Non-member)
doorklokken send, dispatch, forward, process George Thomson
doormelden to notify TransAction
doormetalisering through(-hole) metallisation TransAction
doorslagveiligheid electrical breakdown fuse, electrical breakdown protection (circuit) Edirel Susanna
draadpentrekker wired pin puller (Non-member)
dubbelgepolijste double polished (Non-member)
duikspoelgenerator linear moving-coil generator George Thomson
dummies dummies (probably (Non-member)
duspol Duspol voltage tester Antoinette Verburg