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Term Translation Entered by
12-voudige slang set of 12 hoses (Non-member)
aangevuld filled in/filled (Non-member)
aankoppelbok headstock Susanne Roelands
aanlanding berming Els Thant, M.A., B.Tr.
aanloopgebied approach area Ashok Bagri
aanspankoppel torque (Non-member)
aanvoerstrang supply strand (of cable) Jack den Haan
actueerstang activation rod / actuator handle (Non-member)
afblinding blinding off (Non-member)
afslag (automatic) cut-off switch; autostop switch; (automatic) cut-off switch Michael Beijer
aftakmof (cast/moulded) spliced cable tap (Non-member)
afvulprocess, afvulruimte filling process / filling chamber Edirel Susanna
aktiekrant promotional brochure / pamphlet Christopher Smith
ampèretangen current clamp pjau
Analysergebouw Analyzer building (Non-member)
ankerrek anchor rack (Non-member)
asbus axle bearing / axis bushing / axle box / axlebox (Non-member)
aspassages axle passages Edirel Susanna
Asweeginstallaties (dynamic) axle weighbridge Edirel Susanna
“statistisch” invallend geluid 'randomly' incident sound (Non-member)
bagger- en ruimingsspecie dredging and clearing material Jack den Haan
bediening in de wacht switch at the control panel / in the control room (Non-member)
bedieningsregister Operator\'s Logbook Michael Beijer
bedrijfsmechanisatie production mechanisation Jack den Haan
beluchtingskader aeration frame (Non-member)
benuttingscoefficient utilisation factor, load factor, effectieve machine time coefficient, capacity usage ratio, capacity-to-usage ratio Jack den Haan
beugel van stroomafnemer bow collector Francina
bijtrekrol (secondary) pinch roll (Non-member)
bokstandaards horse (standard), trestle (standard) Henk Peelen
boorparker Self-drilling screw (Non-member)
bordes landing (Non-member)
borrelpot scrubber (Non-member)
borstel-krokodil "the crocodile" (railway terminology) (Non-member)
Bouwkundig normaal Building factor, normal (Non-member)
brandschakelaar fire switch (Non-member)
breukproef stress test; (tensile strength) break test Michael Beijer
bufferbak buffer tank Tineke Van Beukering
cilinderopvulling; opvulling cylinder core filling; fillings; plug Michael Beijer
combinant (consortium) partner Els Thant, M.A., B.Tr.
Compartiment zwaar room factor, high (Non-member)