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Term Translation Entered by
BRITSE (MAN) British (Isle of Man) MoiraB
duinovergang dune crossing; dune walkover; dune walkway Michael J.W. Beijer
heideven heathland pool Michael J.W. Beijer
kantjeboord (peil) critical flood or flooding level Anne Lee
Laag en Hoog Nederland the low Netherlands and the high Netherlands (Non-member)
nat landschap water landscape (Non-member)
overstuiving sand deposition; becoming covered by (drift-) sand Michael J.W. Beijer
schraallanden; schraalland nutrient-poor grassland Michael J.W. Beijer
slufter sea inlet Henk Peelen
stroomrug abondoned river bed ridge/alluvial ridge (Non-member)
VRC Republic of Congo MoiraB