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Term Translation Entered by
(ontwikkel)straat development infrastructure Frank Hesse
(tot) een toenadering komt (te komen) tussen X en Y convergence MoiraB
aangestuurd worden (in context) be driven / controlled Lawyer-Linguist
aanmeldbalk; aanmeldband login bar Michael Beijer
aanslag voor beschikbaar budget eats into available budget [takes up a sizeable part of the available budget] Siobhan Schoonhoff-Reilly
afstudeervariant degree specialisation; special subject; area of specialisation ...
als parameter doorgeven pass as a parameter (Non-member)
anders onderbouwt supports an alternative Textpertise
aparte raming van (Bij raming, graag een aparte raming van volgende punten) separate estimate (Please provide separate estimates for the following) Evert DELOOF-SYS
applicatief Depending on context: applicable or application-related Textpertise
automatiseerder IT specialist (Non-member)
automatiseringsmedewerker IT assistant (Non-member)
beheernetwerk control network Michael Beijer
benaderingssystematiek (data access and) retrieval system (Non-member)
berekende omvang / bekende omvang calculated size / known size Alexander Schleber
bestedingsaandeel budget share (Non-member)
bladerscherm browser / search screen (Non-member)
bronaanduiding source; source identifier; indication of the source; reference to the source; ‘From’ address; sender Michael Beijer
centrale sessie remote session Lianne van de Ven
commandogestuurd tools command line tools Dave Greatrix
computereiland computer cluster (Non-member)
consignatie stand-by (Non-member)
Copyslag copy session Henk Peelen
datalagen data layers Mary McCusker
De applicatie moet gegevens die de kwalitatieve houdbaarheidsgrenzen benaderen automatisch tonen The application is required to automatically flag data which are approaching obsolescence Textpertise
Deontologie Ethics (Non-member)
detaillijst detailed list / list of details Alexander Schleber
diep ontsluiten (bibliotheken) detailed indexing or cataloguing (libraries) Anne Lee
digitale attendering electronic notification Christopher Smith
Digitale ketensamenwerking digital supply-chain collaboration (Non-member)
doorgeven pass on (Non-member)
doorplaatsen to copy (Non-member)
doorsnijding intersection (Non-member)
doorvoer en kabelgoot bushing and cable duct (Non-member)
dragerbaan carrier paper or paper carrier (Non-member)
extra tools (Non-member)
fabrieksmatig factory-wise Jack den Haan
fabrieksmatige standardised Charline Helsmoortel
fiatstempel approval stamp (Non-member)
fijnere termen refined search terms (Non-member)