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Term Translation Entered by
(ontwikkel)straat development infrastructure Frank Hesse
(tot) een toenadering komt (te komen) tussen X en Y convergence MoiraB
Aanbodpagina Page of listings (Non-member)
aangestuurd worden (in context) be driven / controlled (Non-member)
aanmeldbalk; aanmeldband login bar Michael Beijer
aanslag voor beschikbaar budget eats into available budget [takes up a sizeable part of the available budget] (Non-member)
afstudeervariant degree specialisation; special subject; area of specialisation ...
als parameter doorgeven pass as a parameter (Non-member)
anders onderbouwt supports an alternative Textpertise
aparte raming van (Bij raming, graag een aparte raming van volgende punten) separate estimate (Please provide separate estimates for the following) Evert DELOOF-SYS
applicatief Depending on context: applicable or application-related Textpertise
automatiseerder IT specialist (Non-member)
automatiseringsmedewerker IT assistant (Non-member)
beheernetwerk control network Michael Beijer
benaderingssystematiek (data access and) retrieval system (Non-member)
berekende omvang / bekende omvang calculated size / known size Alexander Schleber
bestedingsaandeel budget share (Non-member)
bladerscherm browser / search screen (Non-member)
bronaanduiding source; source identifier; indication of the source; reference to the source; ‘From’ address; sender Michael Beijer
centrale sessie remote session Lianne van de Ven
commandogestuurd tools command line tools Dave Greatrix
computereiland computer cluster (Non-member)
consignatie stand-by (Non-member)
Copyslag copy session Henk Peelen
datalagen data layers (Non-member)
De applicatie moet gegevens die de kwalitatieve houdbaarheidsgrenzen benaderen automatisch tonen The application is required to automatically flag data which are approaching obsolescence Textpertise
Deontologie Ethics (Non-member)
detaillijst detailed list / list of details Alexander Schleber
diep ontsluiten (bibliotheken) detailed indexing or cataloguing (libraries) Anne Lee
digitale attendering electronic notification Christopher Smith
Digitale ketensamenwerking digital supply-chain collaboration (Non-member)
doorgeven pass on (Non-member)
doorplaatsen to copy (Non-member)
doorsnijding intersection (Non-member)
doorvoer en kabelgoot bushing and cable duct (Non-member)
dragerbaan carrier paper or paper carrier (Non-member)
extra tools (Non-member)
fabrieksmatig factory-wise Jack den Haan
fabrieksmatige standardised Charline Helsmoortel
fiatstempel approval stamp (Non-member)