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Term Translation Entered by
levenbedrijf life insurance operations/business/company (Non-member)
samenloopverbod exclusion of concurrence dmesnier
"afgeleide" (in this context) subsidiary (Non-member)
"historisch rendement" historical return (Non-member)
"investeringsdeel" invested portion/part (Non-member)
"Losse dekking" separate coverage DermotMahon
"voorbeeldkapitalen" illustrative (or representative) capital (Non-member)
...gekort worden... can have their wage supplements cut back ... (Non-member)
1e termijnvervaldatum 1st instalment due date / Due date of 1st instalment (Non-member)
27% gehele mens volgens de expertiserend arts 27% (of/to the) BAW/MAW, according to the physician specialist (BAW=Body as a Whole), (MAW=Man as a Whole) (Non-member)
aanhangsel van schuldvordering Insurance schedule ...
aankoopspread / verkoopspread offer spread / bid spread for unit trusts and suchlike (Non-member)
Aansluitingsvoorwaarden affiliation conditions Ashok Bagri
aanvullende pensioenen laten lopen via vennootschap make supplementary pension contributions through their business MoiraB
Activiteitsvoorwaarde going-concern/active business requirement (Non-member)
actualisatieregel actuarial revaluation rules Ashok Bagri
afbouw phasing out (Non-member)
affinanciering paying up (Non-member)
afkoop eigen risicoverzekering collision damage waiver / waiver of deductible (Non-member)
afkoop van eigen risico collision damage waiver (CDW) Silvy Codde
Afkorting "rga" na het woord "arts" Register Geneeskundig Adviseurs Textpertise
aflopend expiring (Non-member)
afmaking settlement philgoddard
afstandsverklaring waiver ...
alea contingency Alexander Schleber
alimentatie addendum (Non-member)
alle eenvoud verzekerd simply and quickly insured Alexander Schleber
annuïtair dalende overlijdensrisicoverzekering decreasing, annuity-based life insurance or assurance Jack den Haan
ANW-hiaatverzekering Surviving Dependants (shortfall) Act (Non-member)
ANW-verzekering Next of Kin-insurance / life-insurance (Non-member)
Arbo- en verzuimbegeleiding guidance/support/counselling on H&S issues and absence Mihaela Dinu
AUM Assets Under Management Steven Segaert
“Integrale Brandverzekering”, alle risico’s comprehensive fire insurance, all risks (Non-member)
BA NA LEVERING (2e rang) public liablity after delivery (on a subsidiary basis) Ruchira Raychaudhuri
BA uitbating commercial liability insurance - business operations coverage (Non-member)
barema sliding fee scale (Non-member)
bedrag van tussenkomst amount of insurance intervention (Non-member)
bedrijfsschade business interruption/loss of profits philgoddard
behandeling door het SRK consideration by SRK Legal Aid Lucinda
belast taxed etienne muylle i wallace