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Term Translation Entered by
aaibaar inviting to the touch Toiny Van der Putte-Rademakers
Ambachtelijke traditional (Non-member)
Bedoeken re-canvassing (Non-member)
beschouwer Observer (Non-member)
botte bijlen vicious cuts (Non-member)
brandingraften surf rafting (Non-member)
brievenbord letter rack Antoinette Verburg
Burgerlijke bekrompenheid narrow-minded bourgeois attitude (Non-member)
de wereld is aan de durvers! Who dares, wins! (Non-member)
doorstart new start, een doorstart maken = start up again (Non-member)
drager carrier (Non-member)
dun geschilderd finely painted (Non-member)
ebenisterie woodworking and cabinetmaking or woodwork and cabinetwork (Non-member)
Fijngeschilderd fine painting (Non-member)
fijnschilder fijnschilder (literally ‘fine-painter’) [with ‘fijnschilder’ in italics] Michael J.W. Beijer
geld als water verdienen makes money like water (Non-member)
grondering primer Antoinette Verburg
in beheer zijn van are held in trust by ...
intendant director or manager (Non-member)
jongste loot aan de boom latest/youngest offspring/offshoot (Non-member)
kerkring church gathering (Non-member)
kleivormpers Clay extruder (Non-member)
koppel couple ...
lijdend voorwerp (here) abject subject (Non-member)
lijm opbrengen to apply glue (Non-member)
maroufleren marouflage Antoinette Verburg
OI inkt Indian ink Christopher Smith
onderliggende imprimatur underlying imprimatur (Non-member)
Papicolor Papicolor ® as it's a brand name Evert DELOOF-SYS
plaatsbinding (a) bond with a place (Non-member)
rookstoken pit firing (Non-member)
scèneboog proscenium arch Antoinette Verburg
schriftuur brush technique Antoinette Verburg
stillevens still lifes (Non-member)
stofuitdrukking textural expression Simone Prins
strijdblad personal magazine (Non-member)
vanitas vanitas (Non-member)
verplanken remounting (Non-member)
verstilling serenity (Non-member)
vlakverdeling plane division/division of planes (Non-member)