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Term Translation Entered by
3%-punt 3 (three) percentage points (Non-member)
aspirant deelnemer prospective member (Non-member)
attributieanalyse attribution analysis (Non-member)
betekening (in context of shares) service of the deed of transfer (Non-member)
Click/Garantiefondsen click funds / guaranteed funds Alexander Schleber
compartiment compartment katiebeb
gekantonneerde fondsen segregated (or seg) funds (Non-member)
guichet guichet / subscription office (Non-member)
kasbon / kassbon deposit certificate Alexander Schleber
PPR Pinault-Printemps-Redoute (Non-member)
royementswaarde redemption value polymath
vermogensbeheer sec klanten straight asset-management clients (Non-member)
vermogensconcept capital/asset management plan (Non-member)
voorportaal point of access (Non-member)
Vrije Investeringstoezeggingen voluntary investment commitments ...
waar de aandelen in open bewaring worden gehouden if/where the shares are held in open custody (Non-member)
waardeaandeel value share Christopher Smith
Waardegroeipapier Value Appreciation Instrument(s) (Non-member)
werkt mede van rechtswege tegenover is (also) legally binding on (Non-member)
winstkracht profit drive/powr profit (Non-member)