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Term Translation Entered by
“as de neite” through and through (Non-member)
betogende teksten argumentative writing (Non-member)
Het hemd is nader dan de rok. Charity begins at home. Yasutomo Kanazawa
Meten is weten! The numbers tell the tale (Non-member)
nutstaak duty as a utility services provider (Non-member)
pikketanussie shot of Dutch gin Sindy Cremer
toonwisseling change in tone (Non-member)
u heeft, u hebt you have (polite) Erik Macki
van de kat geen kwaad weten be as innocent as a new-born babe; butterwouldnt melt in his mouth (Non-member)
verder kijken dan je neus lang is to think outside the box (Non-member)
Vloeken in de kerk Shocking art (this context); Shocking language (general context) (Non-member)