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Term Translation Entered by
E.D.C. engine diagnostic computer (Non-member)
"Handrem met koppeling op besturing aandrijving." handbrake interlocked with drive controls (Non-member)
A-stijl A-pillar (Non-member)
aandrijfkrachten drive or driving forces, drive or driving power, motive force or power, propelling force or power (Non-member)
aanjagerhuis blower housing (Non-member)
aanslagkeggen "wheel chocks" (Non-member)
aansluiten To connect to (Non-member)
accuwagenvloot battery powered fleet (Non-member)
achterasstandwiel rear axle gear (wheel); rear axle cog wheel, rear axle pinion Alexander Schleber
achterbrug rear axle / rear drive axle Alexander Schleber
buisrailsysteem (heat) pipe rail system vic voskuil
bus en voertuigdraad bus and carriage wiring Jack den Haan
carrosserienieuwbouw coach-building industry Jack den Haan
carterhelften / carter (karter) crankcase halves / crankcase Alexander Schleber
dagprijs current price(s) ...
dakcassette sunroof cassette, sunroof assembly (Non-member)
de uitvoering in de verschillende technische punten the technical implementation of (Non-member)
draaibare bovenbalk met geleidingskeg swivelling top beam with guiding wedge Jack den Haan
dubbellucht dual tyres; dual tires Henk Peelen
fixatie fixing the position Lianne van de Ven
frontgewichten front ballast weights (Non-member)
gasvoorspanning preliminary gas pressure (Non-member)
gemaakt closed (Non-member)
gestuurde voorloopas pusher axle (Non-member)
Gibo's Gibo container (Non-member)
grootgaatvoorschort large-opening/aperture front spoiler (Non-member)
hef-/daal-ventiel up/down valve Henk Peelen
hoge pasvorm high-quality fit (Non-member)
kabelafstelling cable adjustment Henk Peelen
klemtruck en terminal trekker clamp truck and terminal truck (Non-member)
knelsluiting compression fitting DianeGM
Koppelcontactdoos connector socket (Non-member)
koppeling met rollen roller-type coupling Jack den Haan
kopschot headboard Evert DELOOF-SYS
kopschot i.c.m. een opbergkist bulkhead with integral storage (box, cabinet) Andre de Vries
krukastap crankshaft journal Alexander Schleber
krukastap / krukaspin crankshaft journal & pin (Non-member)
langsmeename catch (rod) Jack den Haan
leibaanolie; stansen en vervormen slideway oil; punching and shaping (Non-member)
looprichtingsgebonden directional (Non-member)