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Term Translation Entered by
'verrekenbaar edoch niet terugvorderbaar voorschot' Deductable however not reclaimable advance (Non-member)
Abonnee Overname Punt Customer Connection Point, Subscriber Transfer Point (STP) (Non-member)
aktiewezen action groups AllisonK
basisstramien basic template (Non-member)
beelduitlijning picture alignment (Non-member)
captatie outside broadcast live (video) recording/transmission (Non-member)
document op plaat (in context) collection (Non-member)
goed bestand tegen de "aandacht" van mijn kinderen usage, handling Francina
pitchtraject pitch program(me) (Non-member)
retourgeschikt 2-way, reversible, or bi-directional (Non-member)
signaal 1 op 1 one-to-one signal (Non-member)
toonnorm video standard (Non-member)
volledige pinbezetting full pin complement (Non-member)