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Term Translation Entered by
ATODS aplanation tonometry oculus dexter and sinister dmesnier
de afhankelijk van de ernst van de kwaal verminderde weerstand te verbeteren to improve the resistance reduced to a certain extent depending on the severity of the illness (Non-member)
'3dd' = '3 times a day'? 3 doses daily (Non-member)
(in this medical context) spoor vocht minimal fluid Dr Lofthouse
(long) aanliggen adjoining / touching (Non-member)
1 co per dag tablet TDVTrans
1-0-0-1 take one in the morning, and one at night before going to bed Michael Joseph Wdowiak Beijer
1-taksziekte branch disease (Non-member)
9% BI 9% blijvende invalideit --> permanent disability Evert DELOOF-SYS
a.c.p. = arteria cerebralis posterior p.c.a. = posterior cerebral artery (Non-member)
aan de onderlaag vastgehecht met de bijgevoegde huls they are secured to the underlying tissue with suture sleeves Francina
aangevulde c.d.s. links blunting of costophrenic angle on the left (Non-member)
aanhaken hook up (Non-member)
aanleggen (van hemostatische beursnaad) placement / location (of hemostatic suture line) (Non-member)
aanprikken fine needle aspiration biopsy (this context) Barend van Zadelhoff
aanval van lage bloedsuiker sudden drop in blood sugar (Non-member)
achteroverliggend supine (Non-member)
Acute lymfatische leukemie acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (Non-member)
adequaat responsive (Non-member)
Advies Commissie Lokale Uitvoerbaarheid (ACLU) local feasibility advisory committee (Non-member)
aeq equal Lianne Wouters
aerocholangie aerobilia/pneumobilia Dr Lofthouse
afdekken to cover (Non-member)
afferentie/afferent afference/afferent (Non-member)
afgeblust deployed (Non-member)
afgepipetteerd dispensed by (using) a pipette Barend van Zadelhoff
aflijnbaar visible/observable/discernible (Non-member)
aflijning delineation, definition, delimitation (Non-member)
afpakken packaging (Non-member)
afslinken reducing the swelling Edirel Susanna
afstaand protruding Lianne van de Ven
afstomping (van de CD sinus) blunting (of the costodiaphragmatic sinus) (Non-member)
angio hersenvaten angiography of the bloodvessels of the brain Jacqueline van der Spek
Anis. Thromb Anisocytotic thrombocytes (Non-member)
anisocytose anisocytosis (Non-member)
aortaknopatheroom atheromatous aortic knob (Non-member)
apex achterblijft delayed apex (Non-member)
arbeidskundig onderzoek occupational evaluation Lianne van de Ven
artrotische haken arthrotic osteophytes Francina
ASO StR (Non-member)