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Term Translation Entered by
afsluiterdraagstuk bolt carrier Neil Cross
afstandhouder Frame (Non-member)
Avb. Rev. Ramon Somoza
beleid conduct / leadership (Non-member)
duimspanner hammer spur Andre de Vries
flank- en reversbatterijen flanking batteries and reverse batteries Kitty Brussaard
gereedstelling preparation (Non-member)
gevangenencommando prisoner detail Alexander Schleber
grendelnok safety cam Ronald van Riet
in de naast hogere samenstelling in the next higer-level (superordinate) assembly (Non-member)
in talo temporary leave of absence to pursue career goals (military personnel) TechLawDC
inkeping notch Frank Hesse
inlijving buiten tegenwoordigheid Standby Reservist Charline Helsmoortel
kikker Frogman (Non-member)
kulas breech Ramon Somoza
lader magazine Ballistic
laveren track (in terms of target acquisition) Christopher Smith
legerraadstaf KL Army Board Staff of the Royal Netherlands Army (Non-member)
Luitenant ter Zee waarnemer 2de klasse Oudste Categorie ... (Non-member)
meetkop (vast heeft) probe (retains/holds/secures) Jack den Haan
ondercommandant second-in-command (Non-member)
opkomstplaats reporting location, place or site (Non-member)
Payload vercijferaar payload crypto device Tim van den Oudenhoven
schotbeeld shot pattern Neil Cross
sluitnok locking cam Ronald van Riet
stafbehandeling processing by (army/military) staff Lianne van de Ven
Standdatum: dd-mm-yyyy issue date (Non-member)
verduisterde verlichting blackout lighting (Non-member)
voedingstoestel input device Lucinda