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niche 细分/利基 jim summer
$50.00 MM MM = Man Month = $50.00/person/month (Non-member)
a closed block of in-force life and health insurance business 已结有效的人寿与健康保险业务 (Non-member)
A is primary to B A 為主 B 為輔 Adsion
a negative rating outlook 负面评级展望 Alvin Liu
a rating agency “capital charge” 评级机构的“资本要求” (Non-member)
Achieve a passing average 合格 (Non-member)
advance rate 放款率 (Non-member)
affordable and accessible 便宜, 便利 Twinpens
agreed benchmark 商定的基准 (Non-member)
Appraisal Value 评估价值 Kevin Yang
as though they were the Insured observe 解释如下 Ying Li
attachable riders 可/适合附加的条款 / 及其附加条款 (Non-member)
award letters 批准函, 核准函 Adsion
市场压力 market tension albertdeng
Banks and Sovereigns 银行与主权机构 (Non-member)
book of business 业务手册/条例 William He
cash settlement 现金结算 (Non-member)
convulsion of nature 自然界的激变(如:地震, 火山爆发等) (Non-member)
coupon deferral 债息可延期支付 (Non-member)
CPF 中央公积金 (Central Provident Fund) (Non-member)
drive-in claim service 随时索(理)赔服务/随到随得索(理)赔服务 (Non-member)
Embedded Value 内含价值;内在价值 Kevin Yang
emerging surpus + "Value in Force securitisation" 未来盈余,现有保单价值证券化 (Non-member)
employers mutual 雇主互助保险基金 (Non-member)
Equity Advantage VUL 优先利益死亡保险? (Non-member)
experience and service table 从业员在职经验表 (Non-member)
First class marine insurance institute 一流的海运保险机构 albertdeng
Gradmann & Holler 格拉德曼-霍勒(尔) (Non-member)
Guarantee Issue amount 保证赔付金额 Eric Xu
H X W X D (cm) 高 x 宽 x 深(厘米) albertdeng
hedge 对冲 (Non-member)
hold cover 持有保險 (Non-member)
impairment charge 减值支出 (Non-member)
inbound reinsurance 承接再保业务 (Non-member)
Institute Cargo Clauses 協會貨物保險條款 Shirley Lao
institutional care, institutional Medicaid 公共机构提供的护理服务, 社会公共机构医疗补助保险 (Non-member)
insurance covers 承保范围 jim summer
Kapital pension privat 私人企业年金 (Non-member)
MSPS 公积金最低增值存款计划(MSPS) (Non-member)