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Term Translation Entered by
Ah've goat I've got (Non-member)
ですます体/である体 polite form/plain form Mariko Kobayashi
Comparison of Adjectives 形容詞の比較変化 (Non-member)
copy-edit コピーエディット (Non-member)
fizzog 顔、顔つき (Non-member)
General Content Consistency 全体内容の統一性 (Non-member)
global awareness(competence) グローバルな視点による認識力 Naoki Watanabe
I saw two kids playing in the street 二人の子供が通りで遊んでいるのを見た。 (Non-member)
instructional language 命令形 (Non-member)
interesterification エステル交換(置換) (Non-member)
Length of 〜まで (Non-member)
object sentence 目的文 (Non-member)
Reported speech Anser is "Yes" -- と is a reported speech (Non-member)
scunner ムカつく、うんざり ...
six and half dozen 似たり寄ったり (Non-member)
The harder you work, the more you make. より多く働くとより多くお金を稼ぐ David Patrick
xxxx of the instant invention 本発明 (Non-member)