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...merkkiin on totuttu luottamaan maailmanlaajuisesti myös pelireissuilla. ...[people] have come to rely on this brand the world over on game trips too. DilDizayn
13-vaiheinen jonotyökalu 13-step follow-on tool Desmond O'Rourke
ajolaite operating equipment rraija
Aks. massat kevenn. ylhällä axle masses when liftable axles are raised (Non-member)
alapallonivel lower universal ball joint (Non-member)
ALB:N kuormituksen mukaan säätyvä jarruventtiili = ALB-venttiili (Non-member)
Autoalan ennusteryhmä road transport forecasting group Desmond O'Rourke
helmalevikkeet side skirts (Non-member)
jäärapa ice scraper (Non-member)
K-Kertoimet K coefficients (Non-member)
kuormakori cargo body (Non-member)
laskentapaine estimated pressure (Non-member)
mallinnettu simulated (Non-member)
nostoteliauto tandem bogie lift (Non-member)
NYPL Fluid overpressure anti-lock brake-system (ABS) (Non-member)
SAF SAF (Non-member)
tulppavikainen ignition plug problem (Non-member)
VIITT. refer to OR in reference to OR (even) see (Non-member)
VK/KRO power of attorney / processed extract from the register (Non-member)