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Term Translation Entered by
a fondo perduto grant-aided research projects (Non-member)
Conservatorio di Musica Conservatorio B. Marcello (B. Marcello Conservatory of Music) (Non-member)
fonometrie phonometries (Non-member)
il Settore Tutela e Disciplina dell’Artigianato Protection and Training in the Handicafts Sector (Non-member)
Marcello it is pronounced: Mar Cheh Lo (Non-member)
mazzetta sigma Ref. Sigma Colours (Non-member)
O.L. ordine di lavoro (work order) (Non-member)
Pantone Pantone Russell Jones
prof. arch. Professor XX, architect Franco Rigoni
Tommasini Tommasini (Non-member)
Ufficio per il tempo libero e il turismo leisure and tourism office (Non-member)
XY è nata a Venezia il .... Born Venice 19... Russell Jones