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Term Translation Entered by
$B8c<R(B our company,we, our or us (Non-member)
$B9k;0(B mitsubishi australia branch (Non-member)
反面調査 third-party contact Alex Farrell
定期同額給与 Fixed regular (monthly) salaries for executives (Non-member)
完全支配関係 full controlling interest Harry Oikawa
差引確定法人税額 Final corporate tax after all deductions (Non-member)
中間納付還付譲渡割額 transferable interim payments refundable (Non-member)
事前確定届出給与 Pre-determined/pre-reported salaries for executives (Non-member)
役員給与 ・ 役員報酬 Directors' Salary/Remuneration (Non-member)
使途秘匿金 beneficiary-concealed-disbursement (Non-member)
土地区分所有税額 Condominium Property Tax ...
出資1口 Unit amount of contribution LarisaS
充当金取崩しによる納付 Tax payment by disposing the reserve (account) for taxes (Non-member)
国空事第64号 国内航空運送事業 sideo
社員の3人以下及びこれらの同族関係者の合計人数のうち最も多い数 The higher number of: three or less firm staff, total of related stakeholders within a company (Non-member)
税理士法第30条の書面提出有 Documents have been submitted pursuant to Article 30 of Certified Tax Accountant Law (Non-member)
積戻し申告(大額) Declaration for reshipment (large amounts) cinefil
納税充当金 funds appropriate for tax / tax reserve (Non-member)
繰入額 transfer (Non-member)
給与収入 income(earnings) from employment Harry Oikawa
違約品 non-conforming goods cinefil
非適格合併 Non-qualified merger (Non-member)
非適格分割型分割 Improper diversification (Non-member)
行為年月事業年度 Business Activity Period Miho Ohashi
被支配会社 controlled company Miho Ohashi
食品等輸入届出済証 Food Import Notification Certificate David Patrick
補償損失引当金 compensation loss reserve cinefil
該非判定書 parameter sheet Joyce A
課税口 Taxable(s), taxable account (depends on context) conejo
調整控除額 Adjusted deduction amount David Patrick
貨郵業第XX-XX号 貨物郵便業 sideo
集団投資信託 collective investment trust (Non-member)
連結事業年度 consolidated fiscal year/consolidated financial year (Non-member)
連結個別資本金 Consolidated capital (Non-member)
teihaku zei anchorage fee (Non-member)
[項   号] paragraph, item cinefil
控用 your copy, duplicate Sarai Pahla
損失準備金勘定からの戻入額 reversal from the reserve for loss account (Non-member)
損益金処分表 profit and loss appropriation statement (Non-member)
損金不算入額 non-deductible (Non-member)