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メガーテスト Megger-test Katalin Horváth McClure
(全)面発光 (whole) surface light emitting (Non-member)
... 足りると解するのが相当である be reasonable to consider (something) sufficient David Patrick
....の向上が図れず、 was not designed towards an increase of ... (Non-member)
0.5 mm2抹消 →イキに訂正 Restore the deleted text "0.5mm2" conejo
1.8V品 1.8V type OneTa
10のべき乗で表したときの指数で表す is defined as the exponent of the number of particles ... as expressed in exponential notation (Non-member)
1メモリ 1 scale/grade cinefil
1倍4局 x1, 4 stations conejo
30分値情報 Every-30-minutes data OneTa
34芯 34-core conejo
3原系正極 Ternary system anode Germaine A Hoston
3芯 3-core cinefil
Aは、BとCとを共役関係としており A has (a) conjugate relation with B and C Kanako Fujiwara
Aは、BとCと、から として定義される A can be defined as the result (or calculation) of B and C. Kanako Fujiwara
A失視図 View on Arrow A (Non-member)
Aを2ポイントとしている is set to 2 points (Non-member)
加熱延伸法 Heat drawing method Iyasu Nagata
基盤パターン PCB pattern OneTa
原点出し home (origin, zero) seek Katalin Horváth McClure
偏肉部は徐変とする Change in thickness should be gradual (Non-member)
それぞれ保有している会社の商標 a company's brand name which retains various... (Non-member)
と連動します see explanation (Non-member)
に当って止る stops when it comes in contact with ... (Non-member)
ねじ締めブロック形 screw-down block type ...
ねらい値 target value (Non-member)
はんだ未着 incomplete solder Naoki Watanabe
ひつかかる get caught/stuck (Non-member)
側面破断図、正面概略図。上面破断図、 sectional elevation ,elevation and floor plan drawings (Non-member)
ぺリクル Pellicle (Non-member)
みかけ長さによる補正 correction (offset) by apparent length (Non-member)
がた Axial Runout (Non-member)
あみ組線 braided shield (Non-member)
さえぎる 遮る interrupt (Non-member)
さらにマイナス側になる result in a negative going voltage spike(undershoot) (Non-member)
半ドア・ドア下がりの防止 prevention of half open doors/prevent improper sealing (Non-member)
占有周波数帯 occupied frequency bandwidth (Non-member)
単相3線式100/200Vの電灯線を引込んである single-phase 3-wire electric power line is led (in to xxx) cinefil
反導波 reflected guided wave (Non-member)
反復定格(%ED) intermittent periodic rating Reiko Arakawa